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10 Incredible Life Hacks For Better Work Productivity



Incredible Life Hacks For Better Work Productivity

Everyone gets out of bed in the morning and heads off to their various ventures and work just to get things done but most do not know the life hacks for better work productivity or get more done easily without going through the rigorous activities of the workplace. However, there are a few simple things you can do to finish all of your professional obligations quickly.

Well, if you are here, you’ve found yourself the right post as well be looking at some of the key point and secret that is probably but not practiced by many.

We have been able to compile these 10 incredible life hacks for better work productivity to get more results because we know Our daily objective is to finish our work so that we can enjoy our time away from the office.

10 Incredible Life Hacks For Better Work Productivity

1. Cut out distractions

One of the first things you have to do to have an easy work time at working place or whatever you do is to cut out every form of distraction. It is proving that when there’s a focus one is capable of accomplishing great deeds. Well, it is no doubt that it takes the first place on this Incredible Life Hacks For Better Work Productivity list.

Everybody has been there. Distractions tempt us one after another as we work to complete our tasks. Your level of productivity at work is influenced by your surroundings. With so many office distractions, it is nearly impossible to maintain concentration while working.

If you figured out you spend a lot of time NOT working, it might be because your distractions are visible and easy to access.

If using a phone takes up a lot of their working time, you may opt for a straightforward solution like locking it in a drawer or keeping it away out of reach for a while. Additionally, if outside noises easily draw your attention, you might start to think about spending money on a good set of noise-canceling headphones. Aside,  Noise, Gossip, and Hunger may be a distraction, make sure you eat and don’t be involved in talks that won’t add to your productivity.

Whatever approach you choose, you can be confident that it will be for the best and that it will show in your work going forward.

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2. Listen to music

When you listen to music while working, your creativity, productivity, and memory all increase. In fact, a study found that listening to music increased accuracy at work by 88% and increased productivity by 58%.

But the impact of music on productivity varies depending on the task. Play something upbeat, for instance, if you need to work on some menial and tedious tasks. Use calming music to stimulate creativity and brainstorming. However, instrumental background music is preferable when working on tasks that call for concentration, like writing, as you won’t be as tempted to pause and sing along with the lyrics.

On the other hand, working in a noisy environment can be distracting, which can reduce your productivity in general. So remember when going to work or working another time, make sure to use an earpiece or headset so as not to distract or disturb your fellow work make by the sound of your music. Additionally, learn to maintain an average volume even if you are playing the music out loud and there’s no one there for you to disturb or some that will complain about the noise.

3. Shorten Meetings

One of the life hacks for better work productivity is to limit the time spent in a meeting, well you may think it is an advantage to have a lengthy meeting sure it is nice but it can be a disadvantage. Meeting length shouldn’t be kept at length it defeats the purpose while it was called in the first place.

Even though meetings can be crucial to your business, they have a bad habit of extending to fill the allotted time, even when the additional conversations don’t add anything.

Ask yourself if it is truly necessary for everyone to come together to talk before scheduling a meeting that requires them to stop what they are doing. Reduce the time by 25% to prevent scope creep in meetings. Even though you won’t avoid the important ones, you won’t engage in as many pointless conversations.

Send out a detailed agenda in advance and make sure to follow it. Schedule a shorter period of time if you’ll actually only need 30 or even 15 minutes to cover everything you need to. Only those to whom the topic at hand is relevant should be invited. You can run productive meetings that respect everyone’s time by following these guidelines.

4. Curb your perfectionism

Perfectionism has its place and time. However, it might be your enemy at work if you keep trying to make something good even better. Don’t let your focus on one thing cause you to neglect everything else.

Rather thrive to do the best work instead of working for perfection. Yes! perfection is great, doing your work knowing you’ve done a great job but when you’re obsessed with perfection you tend to lose track of other things or not pay attention to other works which also require your attention.

So, in your bid to achieve perfect work, know that it may distract you from achieving more, doing more, and focusing your attention on other work that you may have.

5. Do the hard stuff first

Well, naturally you’ll think doing the easy stuff makes your work faster but it is a secret and one of the life hacks for better work productivity that you ought to do the hard stuff first.

There are some work tasks that are more intimidating, difficult, and unpleasant than others. Despite the fact that it might not come naturally to you, you should start with those.

According to Gina Trapani, founding editor of, “by crossing something off your to-do list before anything else, you get both momentum and a sense of accomplishment.” “If you get something important done every day, you’ll get more done than 90% of the people in the office,” a wise man once said.

6. Don’t multitask

Being an excellent multitasker has long been regarded as a badge of honor. But according to a 2009 study by Stanford University, multitasking is less effective than focusing on one thing at a time. The lead researcher claimed that when it came to multitaskers, “we kept looking for what they’re better at, and we didn’t find it.”

Multitasking can have a negative impact on your mental health and increase stress in your life, which can negatively affect your productivity, motivation, and mood, among other things.

Before beginning a new task, complete the current one! Don’t let your mind fool you! When you are trying to break the habit of multitasking, it sneaks up on you and pulls you back to your useless invisible octopus arms. You think, “I’ll just get a head start on that next assignment,” but the task at hand still needs to be finished. Stay in your productive mode and finish the task when you are in it. By doing this, you will avoid falling into the multitasking trap.

7. Create unrealistic deadlines for yourself

Creating unrealistic deadlines for yourself can just be simply put as stretching your limit, even if it looks like you can achieve a particular task with the unrealistic time you have allotted for yourself, it gives you a kind of feeling that you can do more and you even finish the set task. It is a way to keep telling yourself you have so much to achieve, so naturally, you just keep going, this way you can stay afloat and achieve more at your workplace than you actually think you could.

When pressure is applied, procrastinators are surprisingly adept at rising to the challenge. Give yourself a deadline that gives you less time than you actually think you need if you’re the type of person who thrives under pressure so that you can experience that feeling again. As soon as you get to work, your focus will start to increase, and you might even finish earlier than expected. This is one of the life hacks for maximum productivity at work.

8. Delegate whenever you can

This is one of the most important points on this list of incredible life hacks for better work productivity, why is it so important? it is because you don’t have to do everything by yourself, you’re not in a competition or a race, you have to learn how to rely on other people’s strengths and realize there are others who can do it better, the race you’re in is to be better than yourself, better than who you use to be.

Discover which tasks can be handled by colleagues and which actually require your input. Being involved in everything only makes you move more slowly.

9. Write down tomorrow’s to-dos today

One of the ways to have a productive working hour is to plan ahead, Yes! write down all you have to do, it saves you a lot of stress, gives you a sense of direction, and helps organize your work because you know your goal for a particular day so you won’t dabble in what you have not planned to achieve.

Write down your to-do list for the following day at the end of the day, just like entrepreneur and Shark Tank investor Kevin O’Leary does. “I write down three things that I have to get done the next morning before I go to sleep,” he says. I discovered that after completing those three tasks, the rest of the day becomes incredibly productive.

10. Set a timer through Google

The last secret on life hacks for better work productivity is actually based on time or if you’ll put it as timing.

If you’ll the type that works on a desktop or PC you’ll need to do this, it’ll help you stay on track with whatever it is that you’re doing.

Instead of using your phone or alarm to remind you when you’re hard at work, you can quickly set a timer through Google.

Simply enter the required amount of time in the Google search bar after typing “set a timer for XX minutes.” The alarm will sound through your device when the allotted time has passed.

10 Incredible Life Hacks For Better Work Productivity

Below is a quick summary of the  life hacks for better work productivity;

  1. Cut out distractions
  2. Listen to music
  3. Shorten Meetings
  4. Curb your perfectionism.
  5. Do the hard stuff first.
  6. Don’t multitask.
  7. Create unrealistic deadlines for yourself.
  8. Delegate whenever you can.
  9. Write down tomorrow’s to-dos today.
  10. Set a timer through Google



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