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10 Most Powerful Legendary Pokemon, Ranked

Legendary Pokémon is the pinnacle of strength for any trainer. It is so powerful that using it in battle can be felt break the game. It’s also pretty rare – most Pokémon games have a small handful of “legends” on hand. In the Smogon competitive class system, the most powerful Legendary Pokémon fall into their own class to prevent their ultimate power from unbalancing the rest of the game. This is the Uber class.

This list focuses on Competitiveness inside Smogon uber layer. These aren’t the “coolest” Pokémon, nor are they our personal favorites. They are the strongest pokemon in current definition. Those aiming to crush their friends in battle should grab some super balls and hunt down these legendary monsters!


10/10 is oh

Ho-oh is a great choice due to its versatility. She has a noticeable height Sp. Base. Dave The number is 154, which makes it surprisingly massive. with Holy fireIt can deal massive damage and repeatedly burn opponents. its own ability, renovator, cures it when turned off. moves like DefogAnd the toxicAnd the thunder wave It provides excellent utility, but Ho-oh can also get pure coverage with cool attacks like brave bird And the Earthquake.

Ho-oh’s biggest weakness is its writing. As a Fire/Flying type, it contains a file quadruple double For rock type moves. ghost rock It can be quite devastating, as well as moves like Stone Edge And the rock tomb. A smart switch is a must for Ho-oh users – in addition to protecting it from Rock-type moves, this allows the Regenerator to kick in and provide some healing.

9/10 Siegaard

Zygarde’s main trick is her special ability, which turns her into the second form, Double the already high base health base. However, even without this ability, it is a very powerful threat. characteristic movement, thousand sharesis a ground-type movement that can injure opponents pilots, and deals almost comparable powerful damage. Earthquake. dragon dance Allows Zygarde to prepare for more speed and damage. glare And the toxic Provides a good benefit, as it does alternativeallowing Zygarde to safely drop to 50% HP, thereby activating her special ability.

The writing of Zygarde (Ground/Dragon) is great overall, but it also has a pretty big weakness, that’s ice type. Holds a lot of enemies ice punch, is often unexpected. Types of powerful fairies (such as zarnes) Zygarde also face very well.

8/10 Xerneas

Fairy’s writing puts her in a unique position to eliminate some of the most intimidating threats in Pokémon. It is arguably the best current genre in the entire game. As Xerneas is probably the best Fairy-type Pokemon, it’s extremely powerful all around.

zarnes fairy aura The ability improves her damage with Fairy moves by 130%. Xerneas also get a STAB (same type attack bonus) for these moves, and can be used Geomancy To increase the damage even more. Lots of Pokemon can’t resist damage from Xerneas’ moon explosionAnd for those who do, it has access to other coverage options (such as thunder). It can also identify situations with alternativeor try to procrastinate comfort And the sleep talk. However, its lack good defenses It could be defective.

7/10 Groudon

Groudon’s strength and size are very respectable, and she has very solid Pond transfer. It can easily identify some of the most terrifying threats in the Uber category. Its characteristic movement is of the ground type, abyss bladesjust awesome 120 core strength but sad Only 85% accuracy. He can make use of the unique movement of the Fire type heat crash, which causes damage based on weight (Grodon weighs more than 1 ton). Groudon also has powerful prep moves – sword dance And the to gather Both are wonderful. Instead, she could use defensive moves like toxic or ghost rock.

Groudon’s main drawback is its poverty Statistics speed base From 90, but even that’s fairly strong. with polished rockGroudon can improve on this and outperform most other Pokémon.

6/10 Marchado

With its unique writing (Ghost/Fighting) and impressive movement combination, Marshadow is a very powerful offensive threat. characteristic movement, Spectral Thiefinflicts decent damage and steals the effects of any Stats improvementsmaking it a great counter for sweepers that rely on moves like cosmic force or calm mind. Marshadow can also take revenge on the priority move Shadow sneakor provide coverage with close combatAnd the ice punchor rock tomb.

Marshadow is a rare example of a Legendary Ghost type Pokemon. Coaches who predict their opponents well can enjoy the move to Marshadow since it takes time. no damage From normal and combative movements. This tactic is sometimes necessary to make up for Marchado otherwise weak defenses.

5/10 Kyogre

Kyogre stands out even among legends thanks to its impressive stats and ability: spray. Drizzle automatically summons rain when you switch Kyogre, which means it doesn’t need to be used rain dance. can be used calm mind Its polishing is really amazing Sp. attacks stat before destroying the shop with moves like burn And the thunder (They both benefit from the rain.) characteristic movement, The origin of the pulseIt can provide massive amounts of damage, or comfort It can help Kyogre to stay afloat. finally, ice ray They can be used to surprise both Grass and Dragon joint counters.

Overall, Kyogre is one of the most dominant Pokémon in the competitive landscape; Her only real shortcomings are her financial weakness defense And the Speed statistics.

4/10 Eternatus

Poison/Dragon type Eternatus is one of the biggest threats in the entire game. that it Sp. Base. attacks stat is comparable to Kyogre, and its excellent typing makes it dominant. Its toxic typing provides good checks for Fairy Pokémon like Xerneas, which is usually a big problem. characteristic movement, Canon Dynamaxis a wonderful and comprehensive dragon action.

toxic Can be used to beat opponents, which works especially well with Recovery. sludge bomb It is another good option for dealing with those pesky types of fairies. Another option is meteor ray, rock-type movement to take out flying types like Ho-oh and Yveltal. It’s a great all-round Pokemon game without many weaknesses or counters.

3/10 Mane Necrozma-DSC

Nkruzma in its dusk form is a familiar sight in the competitive scene. It has excellent overall stats. Her psychic/steel typing provides great defensive abilities and power prism shield It protects it from those rare super effective attacks. Necrozma-DM, as it is called, is usually played with offensive moves such as iron head And the moon light. Stone Edge It can also be turned on to protect it from types of fires such as Ho-oh. Alternatively, it can be played with defensive moves such as thunder waveAnd the ghost rockor toxic. In particular, Iron Head and Thunder Wave can be combined for the famous Paraflinch strategy.

Necrozma-DM has some counters, as do any Pokemon. Also, relatively Low speed base stat It can sometimes prevent it. Despite these factors, its impressive overall stats and great writing make it one of the most powerful Pokémon in the current definition.

2/10 Yeftal

Yveltal is generally used as a benchmark for the strongest true Legendary Pokemon, Shadow Rider Calyrex. However, it is also a great Pokemon in its own right. It has comprehensive powerful stats and a good moving store with an emphasis on utility. For major perverse movements, STAB . is triggered Stop working or get killedAnd the bad gameAnd the lollipop punch – Not to mention her ability, dark auragiving more damage to these dark-type moves. to retreat It can be very useful, as can taunt or toxic. Yveltal’s arrival at Defog It allows it to remove entry risks, which is vital. finally, roost Yveltal gives long-term staying power and allows it to stop, increasing the viability of the Toxic.

1/10 Shadow Rider Calerex

Shadow Rider Calyrex (or Calerex-S In short) it is easily the most powerful Pokemon in the current meta. It has a large base Sp. Attack stats of 165, as well as a base speed of 150. Her distinctive move, stellar arches, has a powerful offensive type (Ghost), deals 120 base damage, gets STAB, and is 100% accurate. the movement bad plot Equips it for more damage. Saychok Provides additional coverage, and trickAnd the alternativeAnd the aromatherapyor leech seed It can provide an additional benefit.

Its main problem is its low defense, but thanks to its amazing speed and power, many enemies will be eliminated before this becomes a problem. Without the main counter, the Yveltal, the Calyrex-S would have been nearly unstoppable.



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