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12 Best Deadpool And Wolverine Moments In Comic Book History

Wolverine first clawed his way into comic book panels in 1974 when he gave the monstrous Hulk a run for his money. After an ambiguous introduction, it was his arrival in 1975’s “Giant-Size X-Men” when the character truly began slicing things up. Quickly becoming a fan favorite, the claw-fisted Canuck bounced around the Marvel universe, becoming a member of superhero teams like Alpha Flight, the New Fantastic Four, and The Avengers, all while retaining a regular spot on the X-Men roster. It is no surprise that Wolverine has become a regular contender in the debate of the most popular comic book characters of all time.

Meanwhile, Deadpool is a relatively new character, as far as comic book icons are concerned, with his debut coming in issue 98 of “The New Mutants” in 1991. With his fourth-wall-breaking humor and regenerating super abilities, Deadpool had a meteoric rise in popularity, becoming one of the most beloved characters in comic books.

Despite the massive popularity of these masked warriors, it took some time for Marvel to clash their blades. Deadpool had already become a thorn in the side of many characters before arriving in issue 88 of “Wolverine.” Sharing a similar backstory, Wolverine and Deadpool crash into one another as they look for a third character presenting himself as Weapon X. With Logan’s healing powers weakened, the mercenary got the best of their first fight, impaling his combatant with two swords.



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