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13 EU Countries Ready to Resettle Migrants, With Over 80,000 Relocations Already Agreed On



13 EU countries are already prepared to resettle migrants, with over 80,000 relocations already agreed on and the Member States ready to provide financial assistance for other relocations to take place, the EU Home Affairs Commissioner Ylva Johansson has revealed.

On Monday, July 11, the 27 EU Interior Ministers and the EU Commissioner for Home Affairs met in Prague to assess the EU pact on immigration, a voluntary pact proposed two years ago, reports.

According to InfoMigrants, a news and information site for migrants, the 13 countries in the bloc have expressed their readiness to start the voluntary resettlement immediately foreseen by the solidarity mechanism of the pact. So it was agreed to over 80,000 displacements; at the same time, other countries have announced that they are ready to provide financial assistance.

“The idea is to try out the voluntary solidarity mechanism and then take stock of the situation based on the results in order to reform EU immigration regulations,” Johansson pointed out.

Previously, on June 22, the European Commission welcomed the Member States that have agreed to start implementing a voluntary solidarity mechanism by offering relocation, financial contributions, and other support measures to the Member States in need.

As the Commission explains, this is an important step forward for the European Commission’s New Pact on Migration and Asylum, especially for the need to offer solidarity balanced with responsibility.

In addition, the Member States agreed to start negotiations with the European Parliament on two key migration management tools: the revised Eurodac database and the screening regulation.

According to the Commission, this progress is the result of the intensive work of the French Presidency and the previous Presidency of Germany, Portugal, Germany, and Slovenia. The Czech Presidency will carry it forward.

The problem of migrants, their relocation to their home countries as well as throughout the Member States, is often debated amongst the authorities of the EU countries. On June 13, France had pressured the countries of the EU to agree on a plan which aimed to relocate around 10,000 asylum seekers to the Member States that are willing to accept them.

A French document presented during a meeting of EU Interior Ministers held in Luxembourg expects the 19 countries in the Schengen Area to accept asylum seekers from the frontline states – Greece, Malta and Italy.

On the other hand, the approach of EU countries to migration has been criticized a lot by organizations and condemned for the application of double standards, among other complaints. In this regard, Euro-Med Monitor’s Migration and Asylum Researcher Michela Pugliese pointed out how differently European countries have reacted to Ukrainian refugees compared to the rest.



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