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1923's Harrison Ford Tried 75 Different Hats To Find The Right One For Jacob Dutton

“1923” boasts a formidable protagonist in Jacob Dutton. Yes, Dutton stands out thanks to the Hollywood A-lister portraying him, but, the rancher’s wardrobe also makes him more memorable. This bit of costuming genius isn’t a new or untried gimmick, nor is it a first for Ford. The actor has been finely tailored on more than one occasion over his illustrious career to create the unforgettable aesthetic for so many of Ford’s iconic characters.

And much like the brown, Fedora Indiana Jones sports, or the vests (“Star Wars,” “Return of the Jedi”) and jackets (“The Empire Strikes Back,” “The Force Awakens”) worn by Han Solo, Jacob Dutton has his own distinguished look. “It’s all about his hat,” said the show’s costume designer, Janie Bryant, in an interview with Variety. According to the same discussion, Bryant went through a staggering 75 hats to find the perfect match for the hero of Sheridan’s latest Wild-West world: a light tan, 10-gallon cowboy hat.

“We made so many for him,” Bryant continued. “All the different colors — trying the different creases, the different brims, the different crown heights. It was definitely a process. Taylor [Sheridan] is also very specific about the kind of hat that he likes, too. There was a lot of collaboration with Taylor, with Harrison, and myself to create what I call the ‘Jacob.'”

“The Jacob” might be a long way off from being as instantly recognizable as Indy’s Fedora, but it wouldn’t be surprising if the epic hat leads to more “Yellowstone”-inspired Halloween costumes this year.



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