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2023 could be your “soft life” year if you make these lifestyle changes 

The year 2022 was one of a kind. There were wins and a lot of losses. 

The average man in Nigeria will tell you that the year was unfair to them financially because of high inflation, the crypto crash, and the foreign exchange crises.   

To ensure 2023 is better off, you need to make some lifestyle changes. We have highlighted some of the changes below.

1. Protecting your inner peace

We are constantly stimulated by our environment, and sometimes the stimulation is negative. Even when we are not physically surrounded by people, we are always connected to them. Being perpetually occupied makes it harder for us to unwind. 

If we are fortunate enough to have any downtime, it is frequently overflowing with anxiety and tension from the rest of our crazy life. Every hour, there is a flood of horrifying news stories we have to deal with. 

We frequently evaluate ourselves against the highlight reels shown on other people’s social media profiles. 

We were also conditioned to always put other people’s needs ahead of our own, even if it means sacrificing our happiness and calm. But you don’t have to do this in 2023.

Below are a few ways to protect your inner peace.

  • Saying No: No has established itself as a negative word in our minds. That is so because saying “no” is frequently associated with negativity, rejection, and rebellion. However, it is crucial to understand that “no” is not a nasty word and you should use it when necessary. This two-letter term has guts and can frequently offer you enough defence to protect your energy. 
  • Listen to your intuition: You are the only one who will ever completely understand what you need. Even if you’re not very good at listening to your intuition, this is a talent that can be learned. Intuition is a beautiful tool you have built into you. 
  • Nourish your body: Eat healthily, get adequate rest, drink water, and exercise. Even though it’s frequently easier said than done, how we feel physically has a big impact on how we feel mentally. By taking good care of your physical needs, you can give yourself the best opportunity for inner tranquility. 
  • Get rid of negative people: If you feel sad, drained, exhausted, deflated or frustrated, learn ways to reduce or completely cut out the culprit. It is okay to cut ties with certain people and things, even if they once served you well. Eliminate toxic people and try your best to avoid toxic places and situations. We are forever changing, and sometimes things have to come to an end. 

 2. Having a positive mindset

A positive mindset is one of the major keys to success, this year you should learn to be optimistic about life, career, friendships etc. This goes hand-in-hand with inner peace. There are many other benefits of cultivating a positive mindset, including better overall health, better ability to cope with stress, and greater well-being. 

3. Networking with high-value people

This year, no more friends or acquaintances that are not adding value to your life, there is no time for vague conversation and activities. The goal is to meet people who will add value to your life, especially those that are experts in your industry. To be successful, you must be in midst of people who are way more advanced than you are. 

 How to meet high-value people: Make use of your social media effectively. Follow people that you look up to or want to be like, learn from their posts, engage in their posts, and send messages to them. They might reply, that they have a mentorship program registered, just to be part of their clique.  

  • Go to events in your industry 
  • Celebrate their successes: If you hear about positive things going on in their lives, congratulate them. Follow their feeds on LinkedIn, Twitter and even Facebook to show you are interested in what’s going on with them. Use the like, comments, and share features to further engage 
  • Put yourself out as a person of value: Once again, use social media effectively, put yourself out there, and write contents that relate to your field. There you will get recognized. 

 4. Putting your finances in order

No more unnecessary spending this year. Your finances should be well planned, investing, and saving. Currency exchange etc. Naijaonpoint has lots of articles on how to save and invest, do not turn a blind eye to them. 

5. Practice selfcare

This year, you should pay more attention to yourself, both mentally and physically. Do things that make you happy and accomplished. Try new things, get new hobbies, enjoy nature and travel more if you can.  

Bonus tip: A lot of people think soft life is about spending money on luxurious items or eating in the most expensive restaurant. It is okay, to do these things once in a while. Soft life originated from self-care, which means putting yourself first, letting go of negative energy and being with the right people.  

... 2023 could be your “soft life” year if you make these lifestyle changes  Read More on ... Naijaonpoint.



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