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2023 governorship election: APC’s Uba Sani overtakes Ashiru, leads with 15,507 votes 

As Kaduna state gubernatorial election results continue to trickle into the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) state office in Kaduna, the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) candidate, Sen. Uba Sani, has overtaken his closest rival, Hon. Isah Ashiru Kudan of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP).

The Collation, which commenced at about 2:20pm before going on recess to reconvene 12:00pm tomorrow, has so far collated results received from Kaura, Giwa, Sanga, Kajuru, Makarfi, Ikara, Jaba, Jema’a, Zangon Kataf, Kauru, Soba, Kaduna North, Kaduna South, Chikun, Igabi, Kagarko, Sabongari, Kubau and Zaria local government areas.

PDP’s Ashiru has so far won in 10 of the 19 local government areas collated by INEC. The local governments won by the PDP are; Kaura, Sanga, Kajuru, Makarfi, Jaba, Jema’a, Zangon Kataf, Soba, Chikun and Kagarko.

The APC gubernatorial candidate, Sen. Uba Sani however has won nine local government areas of Giwa, Ikara, Kauru, Sabongari, Kubau, Zaria, Kaduna North, Kaduna South and Igabi, he is leading in number of votes scored.

The remaining results being awaited by 12 noon tomorrow are those of Lere. Birnin Gwari, Kachia and Kudan local government areas. 

So far, the APC’s Uba Sani has polled 617,627 votes, while PDP’s Ashiru Kudan has so far polled 602,120. 

The difference between the two parties is 15,507 votes, as the remaining four local governments are being awaited. 

The results so far collated by INEC from the 19 local government areas are as follows:

Kaura LGA

APC: 7,748

LP: 12,950

NNPP: 618

PDP: 15,108

Giwa LGA

APC: 30,773

LP: 221

NNPP: 547

PDP: 28,869

Sanga LGA

APC: 12,338

LP: 2,135

NNPP: 457

PDP: 13,119

Kajuru LGA

APC: 8,271

LP: 1,773


PDP: 23,125

Jaba LGA


LP: 2,871

NNPP: 174

PDP: 14,616

Makarfi LGA

APC: 25,670

LP: 278

NNPP: 532

PDP: 26,128

Ikara LGA

APC: 29,066

LP: 692

NNPP: 550

PDP: 28,612

Jema’a LGA

APC 19,920

LP 6,017

NNPP 543

PDP 28,963

Zangon Kataf

APC 11,448

LP 7,377

NNPP 534

PDP 33,185

Kauru LGA

APC 26,915

PDP 26,342

LP 3,461

NNPP 455

Soba LGA

APC 27,235

PDP 30,874

LP 457

NNPP 335

Sabon Gari LGA

APC 44,406

PDP 33,553

LP 972

NNPP 2706

Kubau LGA

APC 39,855

PDP 26,627

LP 604

NNPP 102

Zaria LGA

APC: 78,659

PDP: 47,091

LP: 672

NNPP: 2,567

Kaduna South LGA

APC: 67,170

PDP: 42,604

LP: 2,292

NNPP: 1,048

Kaduna North LGA

APC: 65,782

PDP: 33,120

LP: 1,042

NNPP: 4,307

Chikun LGA

APC: 19,979

PDP: 89,946

LP:: 4,770


Igabi LGA

APC: 74,974

PDP: 40,681

LP: 1,178


Kagarko LGA

APC: 18,830

PDP: 19,991

LP: 1 530

NNPP: 221

Total scores so far from the 19 LGAs:

APC:  617,627

PDP: 602,120

Difference: 15,507



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