2023 Hajj: Pray for peace in Nigeria, Gov Bello charges Kogi pilgrims 

Yahaya Bello 1

Kogi State Governor, Alhaji Yahaya Bello, has charged 726 intending muslim pilgrims from the state, who are performing the 2023 hajj exercise in the holy land of Saudi Arabia, to pray for peace in the country and be good ambassadors of the state.

Represented by the Senator-elect from Kogi central, Engr. Abubakar Ohere, the governor emphasized the importance of being exemplary ambassadors of Kogi State and ensuring that their actions during the pilgrimage bring honour to the confluence state.

Governor Bello acknowledged that the pilgrimage is not only a deeply personal and spiritual endeavor but also an opportunity to serve as representatives of Kogi State and Nigeria as a whole.

He congratulated the fortunate individuals who will partake in this holy journey, recognizing it as a privilege bestowed upon them by the Almighty.

The governor urged them to cherish this opportunity and approach it with utmost reverence and sincerity.

Governor Bello reminded the pilgrims that they carry the hopes, dreams, and aspirations of the entire state with them.

As representatives of Kogi State, he stressed the importance of conducting themselves in a manner befitting of this responsibility and called upon them to uphold the values and teachings of Islam, which are; compassion, honesty, and humility.

These principles should guide their actions not only during the pilgrimage but also in their daily lives.

“By being good ambassadors of Kogi State, they have the opportunity to showcase the richness of their culture, the warmth of their people, and the unity that binds them together,” he said.

Furthermore, Governor Bello implored the pilgrims to use this sacred journey as an opportunity to fervently pray for the development, peace, and transformation of Kogi State and Nigeria as a whole.

He reminded them that prayer is a powerful tool that can bring about positive change in their lives and communities.

“Their prayers have the potential to shape the future of their state and nation”, and he encouraged them to devote their time in Mecca to seek divine intervention for their collective well-being.”

The governor also charged the pilgrims to pray for wisdom and guidance for leaders at all levels of governance and society in the discharge of their duties to the citizenry.

He expressed his hope that this pilgrimage would be a transformative experience for each and every fortunate pilgrim, deepening their faith, strengthening their resolve and inspiring them to be agents of positive change.

In bidding farewell to the pilgrims, Governor Bello wished them a spiritually enriching journey to the holy land.

He expressed the hope that this pilgrimage will not only deepen their faith but also empower them to make a difference in their communities and beyond.

A total of 726 pilgrims from Kogi State would be embarking on this year’s Hajj, and their presence is a testament to their commitment and devotion.

“May their journey be blessed, and may their prayers bring peace, progress, and unity to Kogi State and Nigeria as a whole.