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2023: Politicians urged to imitate Ahmadu Bello’s leadership qualities

The director of the play ‘Sardauna’, Ahmed Yerima, has urged politicians to imitate the good virtues of Ahmadu Bello, the Sardauna of Sokoto.

Mr Yerima made the call on Monday night while speaking with journalists shortly after the play was staged in Abuja.

“Sardauna becomes very important and very relevant because most of the Gamji philosophy which we discussed in the play are those theories you will find, and even the north continues to think about,” said the playwright. “Also, while a lot has been written about him, nothing much has been written about his wife, Hajiya Afusatu. I needed the situation that will give it a new touch, a new life that will interest the people.”

He added, “They know him as a politician, but what did he do? What I did was to go into Islamic junction and say what happened to you? How do you prepare for the other world? That was how the story came,” he said.

According to him, there were recordings aired by the BBC that misrepresented the northern politician.

Abubakar Umar, the director-general of the Sir Ahmadu Bello Memorial Foundation, described Mr Bello as an embodiment of all virtues.

“It is difficult in one moment to say everything about the Sardauna because Sardauna is an embodiment of all the good virtues that you can think of. “During the first republic when he lived his life, he sowed a seed of good governance which up till now we are not able to replicate,” he said.

Also, Husein Agaie, the president of the Northern Youths Council of Nigeria, said the late statesman left “a great legacy” that should inspire the country.

“Many people are beneficiaries of the late Sir Ahmadu Bello in terms of education, diplomatic relationship and westernisation between Nigeria and the British government.”




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