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2023 Presidency: NSCEA knocks Bishops who collected any political sorting money

Akamisoko opined that Tinubu’s action was a “direct insult on the entire Christendom” stressing that “APC has made a choice; it is left for Christians in Nigeria to also make their choice.” He stated this while addressing the press at the 2022 pre-Synod held in Kubwa, Abuja.”

2023 Presidency: NSCEA warns don’t use money to divide us, as Christian Elders warn Tinubu, APC

In a report by Temitope Hassan, on September 27, 2022, “The Northern States Christian Elders Forum has warned the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) and its presidential candidate, Bola Ahmed Tinubu, against causing division among Christians with money.

Nigerian Supreme Council for Ecclesiastical Affairs (NSCEA) reports, that “The warning which was made in a statement issued by its chairman, Oyinehi Inalegwu, on Tuesday, September 27, 2022 remained sacrosanct; while warning such clergy to seize from such.

The religious forum had earlier expressed its worries over the Muslim-Muslim ticket fielded by the ruling party. The statement reads; “We warned that every patriotic Presidential aspirant should avoid the same faith ticket to avoid polarisation of the nation further along religious lines.

“Before the Commencement of the primaries, NOSCEF again warned presidential aspirants against the one faith ticket in a Nigeria begging for unity, inclusiveness, fairness, and justice.

“Because there was a long term goal and a purpose to be accomplished, APC went ahead with the single faith venture, with the aim of riding on the wings of divisive religious politics to victory,” the statement said.

The group expressed dismay over the show of shame the ruling party is involved in, following desperate efforts to attract public goodwill and acceptance by engaging strange Christian groups for endorsement purposes.

“We frown at the publicity they use to their advantage, to make public ridicule of Christian bodies, particularly in the North, for the purpose of causing disaffection, just to win the election.

“We all know as Christians, Muslims, and people of other faith, that unity, fairness, justice, and inclusiveness will engender National progress, rather than the war of divisive religious, political game, intended through the instrumentation of same faith ticket.

“Christian and Muslim faithful should disappoint divisive self-seeking politicians, who want to capitalize on our religious differences to gain political power,” the statement said.

However, it was so sad to read the news headlines recently, the confession by a certain Reverend, saying, “Tinubu gave us money, I apologise for my error of judgment.”

NSCEA learnt and lamented that, the clergy disclosed that the Presidential candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Bola Ahmed Tinubu, gave millions of Naira to the clerics that met with him in Abuja.

He explained, “Last week, Tinubu met with over 100 Bishops of Northern extraction”, and the story which circulated on social media stated that, at the meeting, some Bishops received from N50, N20, N10, N5 and N1 million, depending on their ranking.

Thus, one of the clerics has now publicly admitted to receiving monetary inducement and confirming that all the clerics were given money, which was tagged as “transport money, he said.

However, following reactions after he admitted to being bribed by Tinubu, the Reverend tendered an apology saying that, it was an error of judgment on his part to have participated in the meeting and to have even collected the money.

“What happened has taught me and some conveners lessons, we had learnt the hard way! I can promise you that none of such will happen again, and if it does, I won’t be part of it.”

We would recall that barely two days after the clerics met with Tinubu the Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria (PFN) disowned such Bishops’ Forum.

The Deputy National Secretary of PFN, Bishop David Bakare, said such group does not exist within the PFN, saying, “there is nothing in PFN that is regional based like Southern or Northern Pentecostal Bishops.

“The PFN was not part of the meeting with the presidential candidate that was highly politicised. We are, however, aware of the ripples in the public domain about this matter. I am speaking officially to clarify that PFN has nothing to do with that,” he stated.

Continuing, Bakare said: “The PFN is an arm of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) and the position of the fellowship on the same faith presidential ticket of the APC has not changed. I am speaking to you officially and authoritatively that the ranks of the Christian community and of course, the PFN, which I represent, is not broken at all.

“The Pentecostal Bishops’ Forum of Northern Nigeria is not known to the PFN. The forum does not have any affiliation or relationship with the PFN that is registered with the government of this nation. The position of the PFN on same faith ticket still stands as it was in the beginning and we have not, for any reason, shifted our position on that matter.

NSCEA hereby warns that forthwith, no Bishops Pastors, ministers or individual Christians should be involved in such monetary transfers and political sorting again, as on NO MUSLIM/MUSLIM TICKET, CAN, NSCEA and the entire body of Christ in Nigeria stand.

Again, one would recall, “The Convener of Country First Movement, Prof Chris Mustapha Nwaokobia had lambasted the Presidential Candidate of All Progressive Congress (APC) for the 2023 general elections in Nigeria, Asiwaju Ahmed Tinubu onn alleged renting of fake Bishops at the Unveiling of APC’s Vice Presidential Canditate, Kashim Shettima, while he bemoaned APC’s show of false propaganda, hypocrisy, arrogance, and poor political strategy.

Prof Chris Mustapha Nwaokobia made this remark in a press statement made available to some group of Journalists today being on Friday, 22nd day of July, 2022 in Asaba, Delta State capital as he joined Nigerians, Political Analysts, CAN, NSCEA and other opposition Political parties to condemned the snacks of fakery.”

Meanwhile, speaking on 2023 presidential election, Sen Chris Ekpenyong has expounded on, “The catastrophic error of Muslim- Muslim ticket.” Ekpenyong, is a former Deputy Governor of Akwa Ibom State, who represents Akwa Ibom North-West Senatorial District in the Senate write from Abuja saying:

“It is with great pains that I air my opinion on this issue of Muslim-Muslim ticket in Nigeria. Away from party and political interests, let us take a retrospective look at the idea.

What the proponents of such a disastrous act are aiming is to further divide this country along our fault lines. What they are doing is against the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

When you look at Section 15 of our constitution sub section 1, it talks about what the political objective of a political party should be. It directly defines the agreement of our co-existent that is unity, peace and progress.

It stipulates that national integration should be the pivot of our existence as a nation and discrimination based on any sort such as religion, ethnicity, language, sex etc should be prohibition

Now, if you go down to 3 part of that subsection, you will realise that the constitution mandates the state to pursue national integrity by the establishment of association or functions that cut across religion, language, ethnic and other barriers

The choice of same faith ticket by the APC is a clear indication of the level of disregard the party has for certain regions and tribes of this nation.

APC is party that has over the last seven years divided us along ethnic lines, using the instrument of nepotism, sectionalism and religion in determining who gets what, when and how.

The desperation for power in 2015 led us to where we are now. Seven years after, we are faced with another desperate leader who has chosen his personal ambition above the peace and stability of this nation, disregarding other tribes. I believe other tribes will also disregard him with their PVCs on the day of election

Every political or economic blueprint should have its foundation on peace and peaceful co-existent. Muslim-Muslim ticket is a total disregard for peaceful co-existent among the numerous religious affiliations in the country.

Never in the history of Nigeria’s leadership recruitment process has any aspiring leader demonstrated this level of desperation , despising the calls of well-meaning Nigerians and the agitation of the youths. They still went ahead to present the idea. This shows great disregard for the people you want to lead and disregard for the constitution which is our symbol as a nation. It clearly shows a leader who has chosen his personal ambition and ego over the collective voices of Nigerians.

Even in the military era, they was a balance between the Head of State and his vice. It has always been a balance among the different religions. Why this? Why now? Yes, we’re one Nigeria but diverse in nature and the respect of that diversity should be the ultimate goal of everyone if this country must remain united.

So, today, I join my voice with the other great voices of Nigeria who have publicly come out to condemn the idea. I say no to a Muslim-Muslim ticket or same faith ticket because those pushing for it don’t mean well for this country and it citizens. Those who are saying religion doesn’t matter are not saying the truth. In our current state in this country, religion matters so much because the last few years have witnessed heavy attacks on people of a particular religion. They include mass killings, kidnapping of clerics and other forms of attack. Religion matters a lot now.

So, I call on all Nigerians to team up and frustrate every idea that will cause religious crises. Peace, unity and togetherness should be the pivot of every leadership aspirations. And it should be demonstrated in words and actions.”

Moreover, “The Lord Bishop, Diocese of Kubwa (Anglican Communion), Rev. Dr Duke Akamisoko, has taken a swipe at the presidential candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Bola Tinubu for picking a Muslim as his running mate.



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