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3 Reasons Why The Enemies Of Israel Are Currently Excited And Thinking Of Attacking (PART 2) -By Joe Dauda

With respect to the forthcoming Ezekiel 38 war, note that Benjamin Netanyahu is a politician. Although he has enough military reasons to attack Iran and do so quickly, do you know that these protests can even make him pull the trigger earlier? Politicians understand that war against an external enemy necessarily unites a nation. 

The fact of the matter is that the Declaration of Independence by Israel on the 14th of May 1948 was a suicide mission. Surrounded by millions and millions of Arabs who had rejected the Statehood granted them through United Nations Resolution 181 in 1947, the Israelis knew with 100% certainty that the Declaration of Independence was tantamount to a declaration of war. Of course they did not want war. But they wanted Statehood so badly they were hopeful that the Arabs would obey the United Nations, even if reluctantly. But because this was highly unlikely, they were mentally ready to defend themselves in any way they could.

Defend themselves?

But that was a joke because Israel had no army, no Airforce, and no navy. And her total population at that time stood at 600k. On the other hand, the Arabs had well-trained and well-armed militaries and countless warfare equipment and weapons. The combined population of the Arabs in the surrounding nations willing to join the fight to stop the birth of modern Israel was also in the many tens of millions. And they were motivated by fear and perhaps disgust that their religiously homogeneous region was about to be disrupted by the establishment of a Jewish State. 

During that war of independence, Israel fought against several nations at once including Egypt and Jordan, with the armies of Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Yemen, and even Saudi Arabia joining the Arab side. The way and manner Israel survived that onslaught is a story for another day. But, for now, the point to note is that the existence of Israel was in jeopardy from May 14th 1948 until July of 1949, when Israel signed an armistice agreement with Syria. Earlier in that year, similar agreements for halting the war had been signed between Israel and Egypt, Israel and Lebanon, and between Israel and Jordan. Note that an armistice (or truce) agreement is not the same thing as a peace agreement. An armistice is for cessation of hostilities and does not mean the warring parties have agreed to make peace. But, for Israel, the armistice with Lebanon, Syria, Egypt, and Jordan, was their first opportunity to begin nation building after their declaration of independence, which was what triggered the war. 

The second time Israel doubted its continued existence was in 1973, during the Yom Kippur war. While observing the Day of Atonement commanded in Leviticus 16 — which was the holiest of all the feast sabbaths — Israel came under attack by the combined armies of Egypt and Syria, with expeditionary troops from Saudi Arabia, Algeria, Jordan, Iraq, Libya, Kuwait, Tunisia, Morocco, Sudan, and even from Cuba.

Israel eventually won that war also but, at some point in the war, they felt so outmanned and outgunned to the extent that then Israeli Prime Minister, Golda Meir, called US President Richard Nixon and told Nixon that, if the US did not rush military aid to Israel like the Russians were rushing aid to the Arabs, Israel would cease to exist. What everybody believed was that Israel only needed to lose one war in order to cease to exist. To underscore the fear of annihilation in the minds of the Israelis and the expectation that they were doomed to lose that 1973 war, information later surfaced proving that Golda Meir had ordered the Israeli military to begin preparations for the use of nuclear weapons. No matter your opinion, the truth is that countries that own nuclear weapons do not own them for fancy. It is for national salvation when the need arises and there is no doubt in the minds of those conversant with this issue that Golda Meir would have ordered a nuclear strike to protect Israel. This is just the stark reality. For example, just yesterday, former Russian President, Dmitry Medvedev, said:

“Ukraine’s attempt to recapture Crimea will be grounds for Russia to use any weapon, including those provided for by nuclear doctrine.”

Indeed, if Russia feels outgunned in the utilization of conventional weapons in the ongoing war, they will definitely use nuclear weapons. Everybody knows that.

Fortunately, during the Yom Kippur war, Israel did not go nuclear. Nixon was able to resist the countermanding pressure of his cabinet members, including George H. W. Bush (aka Bush 41) who was then the Director of the CIA. Israel not only survived the war, but gained more land, exactly as it had done during the war of independence and the 1967 war. As shocking as this sound, Israel beat back the invading armies and nearly took over Damascus before Russia pressured the US to force Israel to stop their advance. It was a miracle.

Believe it or not, Israel is currently faced with an existential threat similar to the ones it faced in 1948 and 1973.

Reason Number 2

In summary, the media and the academia and the judiciary in Israel — all controlled by leftists — are basically waging a war against Israel. Don’t be fooled by the Israeli flags they carry around . It is a cover to hide their nefarious anti-Israel agenda. I may explore this issue in detail subsequently, but I’m telling you that these people protesting are at best misinformed, or, at worst, saboteurs of their own nation. 

Do you know that there are now fears that Israel may descend into civil war? It’s not a joke because even the President of Israel publicly warned about this. If you understand how blatant lies were used to harass President Donald Trump all through his administration, you need to understand that, though less vicious, the Israeli media is just as leftist and globalist as the media in the United States and, in fact, the mainstream media of virtually every nation on earth. They are toying with the existence of Israel for political reasons and deceiving people about the real issue. I tried to address this in the article titled What Is The Plural Of Satan, published on the 13th of this month. Those who read that piece hopefully got the paradigm they need in filtering what they hear from the media. As an example of media misinformation through “accurate information” take what happened in the Israeli Knesset this week. Two members of the Ultra-Orthodox Jewish party put forward a bill to criminalize Christian evangelism. The mainstream media reported this without giving the context, which I gave in the NB section of Part 1 of this piece. In short, this thing is not new and it cannot succeed. And Israel is a democracy where any Member of Parliament is free to propose any bill. The fact is that this sort of thing has been going on since the 1960s. And I told a friend who sent me a video on the issue that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu would never support such a bill. Hours later, Benjamin Netanyahu sent out a tweet knocking the bill out of its short existence. In a terse statement, he simply said:

“We will not advance any law against the Christian community.”

But if you see how some Christians were made to begin to worry about this situation, you would think something awry had happened. Someone even asked me how this may affect Christian pilgrimage. So you need to understand for yourself that the mainstream media has become evil. And the current hysteria in Israel is an evidence of this when you consider the facts I stated in the piece titled What Is The Plural Of Satan?

Reason Number 3

The third reason why the enemies of Israel are excited and guessing that the end is near has to do with the civil strife mentioned above. Even Jesus Christ said that a house divided against itself cannot stand. The enemies of Israel know this and have been dangerously emboldened. They are arming themselves and the fear of Israel, which used to be the beginning of safety, has now been replaced with a desire to make another attempt at annihilating Israel. 

Israel has peace treaties with Egypt and Jordan and none of these countries will allow any hostile action against her from their territories. But Iranian proxies are all over the place, including Iranian-backed Sunni groups in the south, like Islamic Jihad and even Hamas, all in the Gaza Strip. You have Hezbollah in the north, Armed militias in the east (Syria), and even the Houthis of Yemen preparing their missiles and waiting for orders to strike. And as they watch what appears to be a disintegrating Israel, you can be sure they are itching to attack. Think about a pack of hyenas sensing that a male lion is bleeding. You know what they would be doing — following the lion at a close and angling for an attack. 

The strength of the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) is in their reserves. Active duty Israeli soldiers are not that much. But now, because of this media-inspired protests, many reservists are openly threatening not to fight if Netanyahu does not back down. I don’t believe anything like this has ever happened in Israel before, whose strength has always been in unity and which wages war with all its citizens (including civilians) playing paramilitary roles and generally contributing to the war effort in one way or the other. As the situation is now, anything can happen. 

With respect to the forthcoming Ezekiel 38 war, note that Benjamin Netanyahu is a politician. Although he has enough military reasons to attack Iran and do so quickly, do you know that these protests can even make him pull the trigger earlier? Politicians understand that war against an external enemy necessarily unites a nation. 

Would Netanyahu strike Iran to divert attention and end the ongoing protests? 

Believe me, once an airstrike on Iran occurs and the missiles begin to drop on Israel, all those gays and lesbians and rabid leftists using and abusing Israel’s democracy and freedom of speech will disappear from the streets into their bunkers and be hoping that Netanyahu the tough guy will do the needful and be tough on the enemies of Israel. 

What I’m postulating is whether these protests might inadvertently become a remote factor in the decision to strike Iran. 

I’m not recommending any of these possible actions, of course. Remember I’m only analyzing and forecasting possible scenarios, based on what we already know must happen, according to prophecy. 

May God have mercy on all of us. 



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