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3 Yoruba celebrities who’ve relocated households overseas

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Many Nigerians have emigrated from the nation, with far more planning to ‘japa’. Apparently, entertainers often usually are not exempt from this. Here are three celebrities throughout the Yoruba Movie Indusrty who nonetheless dwell and work in Nigeria nevertheless whose households are overseas.


Majorly because of the comedic roles he performs in movement footage, many people don’t seem to take actor, Olaniyi Afonja, aka Sanyeri, extreme. However, no matter his on-screen antics, Sanyeri is one man who has been intentional about elevating his family and exposing them to alternate options.

His beautiful partner, Omolara, and their two sons— Boluwatife and Olasunkanmi—are based in Canada.

In a video which surfaced on the Internet some months previously, many Nigerians have been excited by the overseas accent of the youngsters. That was significantly so on account of their father primarily speaks in Yoruba, and cuts the picture of 1 who has on no account even travelled outdoor the nation. In the video, the kids urged followers to subscribe to their father’s YouTube channel and completely different social media accounts.

Explaining what fatherhood means to him, Sanyeri acknowledged in an earlier interview, “Fatherhood means being the head of the home, a husband to a wife, a father to children and fulfilling the obligations and responsibilities that are expected of a man to his wife and children.”

Speaking on how he felt when he welcomed his first teenager, the actor acknowledged, “There is nothing so specific about one having a major teenager. For anyone who desires a toddler and has a partner, when God presents them the current of the first teenager, they’re going to be glad and full of pleasure. Children are gadgets and individuals who get them have to be grateful.

“I believe that the best investment I can make in life is for my children to be successful. I cannot jeopardise their future for anything. Either I have much or otherwise, I will do everything within my capacity to ensure that my children will not have any cause in the future to abuse me or describe me as an irresponsible father.”

In an earlier interview with Sunday PUNCH, the actor had acknowledged that he was so poor when he married his partner that the one issue he wanted to his determine have been his tribal marks. However, they caught with him, and over time, he has grown to show right into a excellent actor and filmmaker.

Mr Latin

The Amusans
Actor, Bolaji Amusan, aka Mr Latin, is one different comic actor that’s cherished by many. Though based in Abeokuta, Ogun State, Mr Latin’s partner, Ronke, and youngsters (a son and daughter) dwell in Dublin, Ireland.

Mr Latin married Ronke in 1999 and their relationship has continued to blossom over time.

The actor, who’s the current President of the Theatre Arts and Movie Practitioners Association of Nigeria, is particularly eager on his partner and he makes no secret about that.

Speaking on why he decided for his family to stay overseas, he acknowledged in an interview some years previously, “It was the idea of the two of us. There was a long strike by teachers at a time and we thought such would not give our children what we really wanted for them. We decided to relocate but because of the nature of my job, I cannot stay over there with them.”


On how they’ve been coping with a long-distance relationship, Latin acknowledged, “We speak almost 10 times every day. I wake them up with telephone calls in the morning to speak with my wife and children till they are off to school. We also chat on WhatsApp and have video calls almost every day. I visit them as well, and they come to Nigeria too.”

The actor moreover acknowledged that he had on no account been tempted to marry one different partner no matter his partner not being throughout the nation with him. He acknowledged, “I can never marry another wife. My wife is my mother, sister, friend and confidant. She is a very loyal and trustworthy person. I don’t have any reason to marry another wife.”


Even with out speaking, actor, Wale Akorede, aka Okunnu, ship his followers reeling with laughter because of his humorous mannerisms. Though he started his performing occupation in 1984, it wasn’t until some years later, that he started getting the rather a lot needed recognition throughout the commerce.

However, whatever the carefree character he usually portrays in movement footage, Okunnu doesn’t joke with the welfare of his family.

His partner, Wumi, and three children— Jumoke, Hassan and Modupe— are based in Canada. At a time, the actor moreover used to dwell in Saudi Arabia, nevertheless he returned to Nigeria after a while.

Speaking on why he left Saudi Arabia, he had acknowledged, (*3*)

In an earlier interview with Sunday PUNCH, the actor acknowledged that he was attracted by her magnificence and the reality that she was exhausting to get. He had acknowledged, “It was her beauty and the fact that she was hard to get (that attracted me). I don’t like cheap ladies. Her tough stance made me continue to ‘trouble’ her. I also prayed and all what I saw in my dream was what she also saw. I was surprised and that also propelled me to go ahead.”

However, though his family lives outdoor the nation, Okunnu is simply not immune from the hardship in Nigeria. In a social media rant some months previously, the actor lamented the sorry state of the nation. Speaking in Yoruba, he acknowledged, “If we maintain watching and don’t converse up, it’s on account of we don’t want to points to spoil. Nigeria is unhealthy. Whether males, girls, children or aged people; all those who have a hand in making the nation what it’s within the current day, their lives will even be unhealthy from period to period.

“The country is really in a bad condition. I can’t say there is a particular sector that is working optimally. If we cannot enjoy our country as citizens, then we’re like foreigners.”

Sharing his concepts on why many celeb marriages don’t stand the check out of time, he acknowledged within the similar interview, “Marriage is not something one jumps into. One needs to pray well and be sure because it is for life. Any marriage can collapse and it is not only celebrity marriages that don’t last. People talk about marriages of celebrities because they are famous people.”

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