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4 Best K-Dramas to Watch During Fall 2022

K-dramas are a great way to spend the cold Fall season. The question is, what makes a good Fall K-drama for 2022? Storylines can range from the ideal setting of Seoul among the windy and picturesque orange-colored trees to a riveting thriller that comes with the eeriness of the season. While classic romance K-dramas are a must, a few more make the list of must-watches.

Jung So-min and Seo In-guk in ‘The Smile Has Left Your Eyes’ | via tvN

‘The Smile Has Left Your Eyes’ is a complex yet riveting K-drama of love and a mystery for Fall 2022

The 2018 K-drama stars none other than Alchemy of Souls actor Jung So-min in one of her most acclaimed works. She stars alongside Doom at Your Service actor Seo In-guk and actor Park Sung-woong. The Smile Has Left Your Eyes is a remake of a 2002 Japanese series.



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