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4 Times Ringo Starr Proved He Was the Favorite Beatle 

By the time The Beatles broke up, the band had grown tired of working together, but Ringo Starr managed to avoid much of his bandmates’ irritation. Starr did not escape the infighting between the former band members, but he was rarely the target of frustration. Here are four instances that prove Starr was the most widely liked Beatle by his bandmates.

The Beatles | Bettmann/Contributor via Getty

The Beatles sent Ringo Starr to make a request of Paul McCartney

In 1970, when The Beatles were still technically together, Paul McCartney planned to release his solo album ahead of Let It Be. The band didn’t think this would be good for their album, and they wanted McCartney to push back his release date. Knowing that this request wouldn’t go over well with McCartney, they sent Starr to ask him.



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