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5 of the Best ‘Makjang’ K-Dramas With the Filthy-Rich Elite

What is a “makjang” K-drama? The TV series genre is best described as having exaggerated plots that “take things too far.” Fans will see dramatic characterizations, scandalous affairs, and intense murderous drama, often revolving around the filthy-rich elite who can get away with it all. Netflix’s revenge K-drama The Glory can be categorized as one, but there are plenty more to enjoy.

Lead characters in ‘The World of the Married’ makjang K-drama | via Netflix

‘The World of the Married’ has a woman’s perfect life crash into pieces

The 2020 K-drama is a remake and based on the BBC series Doctor Foster. The World of the Married takes fans through a whirlwind of drama, deceit, affairs, and the downfalls of marriage in a high-class society. Ji Seon-u (Kim Hee-ae) has everything anyone could ever want. She is a well-known doctor and associate director of a large hospital. Her seemingly perfect life is complete with her aspiring director husband, Lee Tae-oh (Park Hae-joon).



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