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5 Serene Spanish Beaches for Self-Discovery & Total Tranquility

The appreciation for quiet and calm destinations has grown immensely in the last years and the demand is putting Spain on a pedestal, with the country having some of the most serene beaches as the most accessible destinations. has compiled a list of five beaches on the Spanish coast to be bound to for a calm, relaxing and fully regenerating summer holiday.

Platja de L’Home Mort & Platja de Rosés, Costa Barcelona

The picturesque destination has lush vegetation and keeps visitors who love tranquillity coming back. It is a slightly remote destination, yet, people can come here and enjoy incredible sunsets with their loved ones.

It is a cherished destination for tourists seeking a welcoming and inclusive environment to enjoy the sun, sea, and sand in their natural state.

Playa de Sotogrande, Costa del Sol

These beaches not only maintained their natural splendour over the years but got even more beautiful and inclusive for visitors. Golden beaches, delectable tapas and clear waters are an inspiration for those that enjoy quiet days, which have to be accompanied by a Spanish wine to fully enjoy the experience.

Today, this coastal region still attracts travellers with its timeless charm, inviting them to cherish the warmth of the sun, explore the coastal places, and experience the essence of Spanish coastal living.

Playa de Carro and Playa Fábrega, Galicia

At Playa de Carro, travellers can enjoy the enchanting tidal pools, which are surrounded by the sounds of the ocean. There are mesmerizing views, enabling visitors to truly have magical moments here.

This destination cannot be reached easily – tourists have to walk a distance to get there, while the size of the beach can change due to ties. During low tide, it is a vast golden beach and at high tide, the beach shrinks.

Cala Xelin, Costa Dorada

This beach is located on the southwest coast of Barcelona and lies near the white fishing village of Ametlla de Mar, offering a quiet but friendly environment for people. For snorkelers, this coastal paradise provides an unparalleled opportunity to enjoy themselves in an underwater wonderland.

The hidden gem of Ametlla de Mar, Cala Xelin, offers an experience that is serene with sandy shores and lush vegetation.

Cala Bramant, Costa Brava

This destination has a more active pace to it, with Cami de Ronda, which is a great path for hikers. However, what is most appreciated about this place is the beauty of the beaches and the privacy they provide. It is truly captivating to be able to spend a vacation in the calmness this destination offers.