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7 Business Taboos that Every Professional Should Know



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Whether it is your normal routine or you want to lure in business investors, the key point here is to trigger their desire and offer convincing proof of a prospective enhancement to their profits.

Somehow, you want your business to grow and expand. While this may seem an obvious thing, there are certain behaviours you must always avoid. Try as much as you can to create a favourable atmosphere within your business to attract funding from investors. With a financially stable business and a promising future, you can sit back and play your favourite online game with friends using your free spins as you watch your business grow.

Business Tips – Avoid These 7 Taboos at Your Peril 


Here are 7 business tips to lure the right investors to your business. It would help if you never overlooked them.

  1. Never Propose To Every Financier within Your Business Database

While there may be many investors out there, not all mean good for your business. It would help if you researched what most individual investors do to follow their business tips and criteria. Note that investors are time conscious and emphasize particular businesses. Reaching up to every financier may limit your chances of understanding which one is likely to be helpful to your business. Pitching to anyone you see on the list is likely to negatively impact your status when you start looking for funding for your subsequent principal idea.

  1. Don’t Cold Call Every Investor to Request for an Appointment

According to various small business tips, it is always good to seek advice from the investor’s confidant. Further research shows that only 2% may result in an appointment of all the calls you make. Most investors will treat cold calls as spam. Also, in the current setting, many people consider telephone calls a huge disruption.

  1. Never Assume You Have the Answer to the Big Issue

Why would you want to assume things? It is always good to be realistic and sure when making decisions. Many businesses fail to qualify for funding due to their extremely limited upside. Most investors want to put their money in businesses exhibiting low-risks, enhanced-growth brands, and services for good returns.

Ensure your brand’s solution is research-based, and the issue should be worth resolving. In any case, consumers don’t find any reason for a fix; you shouldn’t expect investors to either. For instance, while people are finding techniques to utilize their mobile devices effectively, others saw the necessity of a remote control device for homes and developed a set of equipment to affordably preset security and temperature functions.

  1. Shun Industry Discussions

Besides adhering to the various business tips and tricks, listening and sharing ideas with other people is also important. Every business bears its unique terms. At their worst, you will find some terms bastardizing the connotation of certain words and discuss a sense of unwarranted pride. Of course, in a technical or medical field, certain phrases are applied for comprehensive communication. As a startup, you need to be cautious when learning how to apply the phrases correctly.

  1. Avoid Jumping Into an Already Packed Category

Various startup business tips will help you make the right decision, especially if you contemplate joining an already overcrowded business category. In this case, you must ensure that your business is unique. Within the overcrowded cupcake market, maybe the best way is to distinguish your brand from others by increasing the size a little bit, and hence, the difference.

Always have something that sets your business apart. For instance, how are you going to market your products differently? Make this point clear, particularly if your brand falls into the trendy group.

  1. Avoid Operating Devoid Of A Net

While others may be taking risks, you should never try that with the investor group. One of the best business tips is practising your pitch until slides aren’t necessary anymore. You can offer it anytime, and you can adjust it immediately, depending on your investor’s interest.

Business Taboos2

Make sure to analyze your tone within 5 minutes and also get into a 30-minute presentation. Get ready for any questions from your probable investor. The faster you provide precise answers, the higher the chances of luring the investor into your business idea.

  1. Don’t Allow Your Delivery to Disprove the Intent

The new market research areas include emotion analytics or the information relayed to others regarding the speaker. While you might be made to believe that you are earnest in your presentation, intelligent tone, innovative technology can read your expression and detect how exasperated you are.


Do you intend to be like Thomas Edison, Alexander Graham Bell, Steve Jobs or Elon Musk? It is until you give it a try that you will understand what it takes. The idea here is that if you want to go far with your investment plans, you should try as much as you can to avoid certain habits. As mentioned above, it all lies in being honest with yourself and working out things correctly.

Before we go, we would also like to answer any burning question about these business taboos. Would you mind letting us know about your past experiences and your feelings about the above-mentioned business tips? Your success is our success; let’s move together!


Edward is enthusiastic about assisting businesses, especially local firms, in developing a more personal online relationship with their consumers and prospects. While trading and market research is his strong USP, his expertise in finance works like an added charm to his credentials! He is a finance genius!

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Power Black Aims to Disrupt Nigerian Energy Drinks Market



Power Black Energy drink

By Adedapo Adesanya

Power Black Energy drink, a Turkish energy drink with a presence in over 35 countries across Europe, Asia, Africa and the Middle East, has landed in Nigeria, being the first and only energy drink in Nigeria with a hygienic cover.

Speaking at a recent launch, the Marketing Manager of Frisson Nigeria Limited, the sole distributor of Power Black Energy Drink in Nigeria, Mr Ojotobor Samuel, said Power Black Energy Drink is a premium energy drink that offers Nigerians needed the power to achieve their goals with class and finesse.


Mr Ojotobor said as the first and only energy drink with a hygienic cover in Nigeria, Power Black seeks to encourage healthy consumption of energy drinks whereby consumers do not have to finish the can of drink at a go as it can be preserved with the hygienic cover all day long.

The Frisson Nigeria boss said Power Black Energy Drink is made with clean water, sugar glucose syrup, carbon dioxide, acidity regulator (Citric acid & Sodium citrate), Taurine, Vitamins B2, B3, B5 and B6. These ingredients, according to him enrich the human body with desired energy and account for the positive effect on the cognitive performance of every individual.

He added that there is no negative side effect to Power Black energy drink if consumed in moderation and advised Nigerians that it is healthy to consume everything, including water in moderation.

Validating the claims of the distributing firm, a representative of the manufacturer, Ares Gida Manufacturing-Turkey, Mr Recep Yildiz said Power Black Energy drink is made with finest of ingredients and purest of water and it guarantees good health and energy for Nigerians.


He added that the brand is the leading brand in the energy drinks market of countries like Spain, Germany, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Qatar, Jordan, Chad, Ghana, Ivory Coast and Mali.

As the latest entrant in the Nigerian market, the company has noted that the brand will soon take its leadership position in Nigeria.

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Konga represents stretch factor in Nigerian e-commerce – Ibukun Awosika



1642538704 Ibukun Awosika

Mrs. Ibukun Awosika, a serial entrepreneur and former Chairman, First Bank of Nigeria Plc., has hailed Konga, Nigeria’s leading composite e-commerce giant as a stretch factor that has taken on and surmounted huge challenges, while positively disrupting the face of e-commerce in Nigeria.

She made the call on Saturday, January 15, 2022, at the Konga Group’s retreat held at the impressive Yudala Heights on Idowu Martins, Victoria Island, Lagos


Awosika, who was one of the special guests at the half-year business review retreat organized by Konga, heaped praises on the e-commerce giant for bouncing back from a potential exit in 2018 after acquisition by the Zinox Group and restoring hopes among millions of Nigerians in the viability of the e-commerce industry.

‘‘This has proven that we have globally experienced entrepreneurs with capacity to alter our economic destinies. In your journey in life, there are many who would say you cannot do it. But do not pay heed to them. Konga has proved this axiom by showing that nothing is impossible when you set your mind to it. Today, many of us are witnesses to the impressive strides recorded by the company in the e-commerce industry, coming from a near-exit in 2018 to eventually turning profitable.’’

While assessing the resilience, huge strength and adaptability that has seen Konga thrive in a difficult terrain, as well as the huge ambition driving the brand, Awosika drew fitting analogies with quality fabric which often recover to its starting point after being stretched – a process used by garment and furniture makers in working out the stretch factor of individual fabric.

Addressing Management and staff at the session, she said: ‘‘In my opinion, Konga is a stretch factor and a great ambassador for Nigerian e-commerce. I urge you all to remember that as employees, you are the face of the brand and must carry this with mandate with responsibility everywhere you go,’’ she stated.


Her thoughts were echoed by Mr. Funso Akere, Chief Executive, Stanbic IBTC Capital, who equally identified Konga as a potential leader of African e-commerce, in view of its high ethical standing, current growth trajectory and perception among interested investors.


‘‘There is a huge opportunity for Konga to assume leadership of the African e-commerce space and sustain it comfortably from what I have experienced. You have a brand that is highly respected, known for its zero-tolerance for unethical practices and one that is growing at a fast pace. There are four things investors look at. First is, the opportunity. The second is the ambition – how big it is. Third is the skills – what are the human resources or assets available and the fourth is the execution or what you would call the process. Under process, you talk about governance and control.

‘‘Konga has done very well in these areas and it is no surprise that some of the biggest investors in the world are interested in the business,’’ he concluded.

In his closing remarks at the exciting two-day retreat which witnessed excellent presentations and thought-provoking conversations, Co-CEO, Konga Group, Nick Imudia, who declared 2022 as the year of partnerships, reiterated the unwavering determination of the entire Management and staff of the company in keeping up the pace of Konga’s fast-paced growth in the e-commerce industry.


... Konga represents stretch factor in Nigerian e-commerce – Ibukun Awosika Read More on ... Nairametrics.

Source: NairaMetrics

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