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There’s nothing short of newsworthy when it comes to The Real Housewives series. With four franchises currently running this summer, there’s plenty of drama to make the rounds for the Bravo fandom.

Although the Housewives are the stars of the show and the main attraction in most scenes, there are unintentional or background moments in an episode that wound up being accidentally hysterical. Whether it’s a background stranger watching a public argument or a. House Husband embarrassing his wife, Reddit gave clear examples of unintentional moments that became overnight hits.

When Richie Wakile Tripped Over Kathy’s Business Cards (RHONJ)

Kathy Wakile was a guest on The Real Housewives of New Jersey in season 2 before signing on as a Housewife and friend through season 7. As Teresa and Joe’s cousin, Kathy had great insight into the Gorga/Giudice family feud. She and her family were also a great source of comedy.

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Kathy’s husband Richie, especially, loved to joke and wasn’t the most serious of side characters. Before asking Reddit for their favorite unintentional moment, Punyons said theirs was, “As gross as he is, Richie Wakile tripping and dropping all of Kathy’s business cards and then the sign that he set down, collapsing two minutes later had me laughing out loud.” In these moments, Kathy is a beloved former RHONJ cast member.

Vincent’s Front Row Show (RHOBH)

Actress Eileen Davidson was a welcome addition to the series in season 5. As a serious actress and award-winner, fans of hers were excited to see her in action with some of the other women. Eileen was one of the best cast members on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills because she was authentic. She was also not afraid to show off her family life with her husband Vincent.

In one scene, Brandi Glanville and Kyle Richards were arguing outside on a driveway when fans noticed a face spying on them from within in the garage. Branifer086 wrote, “Vincent (Eileen’s husband) watching the fight in the driveway out the [garage] window never fails to make me laugh.”

Ramona’s Grasp On The Wine Glass During Scary Island (RHONY)

Scary Island was one of the more dramatic and remembered vacations the Housewives of New York ever took. The holiday was supposed to be relaxed and filled with good food and sun, but it took a turn for the worse when some of Kelly Bensimon’s quotes became outrageous.

The Housewives were worried about Kelly after she continuously went after Bethenny and knew she wasn’t well — but that didn’t stop the drama. While Kelly was arguing with the women at dinner, Ramona was offered a glass of wine and she took it without making eye contact with the bartender. Bleed_nyliving loved this moment and wrote, “During Scary Island when they pan to Ramona being handed a glass of pinot grigio while not taking her eyes off of the mess that was Kelly. Classic.”

A Stranger, A Sweater, And A Martini (RHONY)

In another messy moment from RHONY, the women were visiting Newport, Rhode Island, when they stopped for dinner at a nearby restaurant. With many of the women being single, they shot their shot with some of the men hanging by the bar.

Fights later broke out due to frustration and hunger, which was when the cameras panned to a bystander sipping his martini while watching the fight ensue. Hopeful1234554321 found this to be the best unintentional moment, writing, “Yes! RHONY Sweater Man from the Newport dinner (the one where Leah threw the ravioli), as well!”

Nonno’s Love Of Octopus (RHONJ)

The Giudice and Gorga families were a part of monumental episodes on RHONJ. Whether it was their family fights, reunions, or an inside look at their extended family — they always bring some of the most dramatic material

Teresa’s dad (known as “Nonno”) was an endearing member of her household, who was caught doing some hilarious background things. MorallycorruptFR wrote, “Nonno cooking an octopus at 6am and Bravo finding it worthy of a super.” The scene of Nonno dropping an entire octopus into a boiling pot of water was so random that it became an instant meme.

Jen Shah Vs. The Mosquito (RHOSLC)

In the second season of The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City, the drama focused on two people: Meredith Marks and Jen Shah.

Jen Shah’s storyline revolved around getting arrested for fraud in the middle of shooting and Meredith’s storyline dealt with the death of her dad and the confusion that surrounded his funeral. In the middle of one of Meredith’s breakdowns, Jen took it upon herself to kill a mosquito with a pillow in the background.  “Jen Shah smacked the mosquito in the middle of Meredith’s meltdown” was Sparklepuppies6 favorite background moment. It became a meme that had fans engaging just like Meredith.

Kandi’s Upbeat Ringtone For A Sad Phone Call (RHOA)

The Real Housewives of Atlanta always brings juicy moments that live in fans’ minds rent-free. Because of this, it’s hard to pick just one great season of RHOA.

Nevertheless, Redditor Benormal said one of the best background catches was during an upsetting moment in the series. “When Kenya’s sh*tty boyfriend Matt vandalized her garage, the scene is super serious and sad.” They continued, “Kenya calls Kandi and Kandi has a custom ring-back tone of herself cheerfully singing ‘ring-a-ling-a-ling-a-ling-a-ding-ding hopefully I answer by the time I finish singing.’ Juxtaposed with how upset Kenya is, it kills me.”

When Kyle Booked It Out Of The Restaurant During Kim’s Amsterdam Fight (RHOBH)

Between Kyle, Kim, and Kathy, there’s a lot to know about the Richards sisters on RHOBH. As an original Housewife, Kyle has said countless times how much her relationship with her sisters mirrored a rollercoaster. One day she was friendly with Kim and loathed Kathy and vice versa.

But on a dramatic trip in Amsterdam, Kim’s argument with Lisa Rinna spiraled into a physical altercation. “Kyle Richards running out the door in Amsterdam after the wine glass smash” was TheFakeBlonde’s favorite unintentional catch. The moment was so chaotic that Kyle sprinted for the door instead of getting involved.

Terry Dubrow Cleaning Up While Admiring An Argument (RHOC)

Terry Dubrow is one of the more beloved House Husbands on The Real Housewives of Orange County. He has a real knack for reality television and always supported his wife Heather.

His involvement with the show led to a hilarious moment caught by ACatMags. “I didn’t see anyone mention Terry Dubrow bussing the wine glasses when Fancypants Heather was getting ready to throw Shannon out.” The Redditor noted that “Terry is in the background calmly moving charcuterie and dishes and admiringly gazing at Heather’s fury.”

A Nervous Waiter

The women of Potomac are no longer the newbie to the franchise, thanks to RHOSLC and RHODubai. Some of the best cast members have been a part of the series since the start and are never low on the juicy scoop.

There’s also a plethora of background moments that aren’t talked about enough. “The last season of Potomac when Mia is having lunch with her mum and the waiter pours Mia water and it spills on the table. I replayed that scene 10 times it cracks me up so much,” GarlicBusy3612 wrote. It’s small moments like these that only add to the franchise.

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