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A big decision of the Saudi government for the convenience of foreigners



Riyadh: The Saudi government has taken an important step to facilitate the foreigners coming to the kingdom for employment, under which their stay can be further extended.

In this regard, the sources say that the six-month extension of the visitor card of the Yemeni citizens living in Saudi Arabia is being done under the automatic system.

According to the report of the Saudi News Agency, the General Directorate of Passports has issued a statement that Yemeni citizens living in the Kingdom who have been issued visitor cards can apply for a six-month extension period until December 7.

A big decision of the Saudi government for the convenience

The Passport Authority said the extension will apply to Yemenis who are regularly renewing their visitor cards.

Yemenis availing the facility have been asked to pay the fee for the available service by August 23 to complete the extension procedure.

The Saudi Passport Authority says that Yemenis do not need to go to the passport office and their visitor cards will be extended automatically.

The statement said that the new cards will be printed and delivered to the residential address provided by the Saudi post to the Yemeni citizens living in Saudi Arabia.



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