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A NASA scientist reveals if there is life on Mars

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Since Mars is the closest planet to our planet, scientists have long conducted research on the surface of Mars. NASA has few missions active on the Red Planet at any given time to either see if microbial life currently exists on the celestial body or, at the very least, it existed at some point in the distant past. In a new video from the space agency, NASA astrobiologist Heather Graham reiterates that the outfit has yet to find any sign of ancient life on Mars.

“We’re now getting tools on Mars that can help us understand these potentially habitable places and we can ask deeper questions about the habitability of those rocky cores,” Graham said in the video, which you can watch below. “We have been searching for life on Mars for a long time.”

“While NASA found no evidence of life now, we found plenty of evidence that Mars could have supported life in the past,” Graham added. “There is a lot of evidence that Mars once had a huge ocean and an atmosphere that could have supported life.”

Last November, a study published by researchers at Penn State University revealed evidence of a massive ocean that once existed on planet Earth, which means that there is an increased possibility that microbial life was once found on Mars.

Astronomer Benjamin Cardenas said in the study, which was recently published in Journal of Geophysical Research: Planets. “It also tells us about the paleoclimate and its evolution. Based on these results, we know that there was a period when it was warm enough and the atmosphere was thick enough to support this much liquid water at one time.”

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