”A prophet is not valued in his own house” – Netizens react to Seun Kuti and Willow Smith linking up

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Nigerian singer Seun Kuti recently linked up with American actor Will Smith’s daughter, Willow Smith, and he seemed really excited about it.

In the video shared online, Seun Kuti and Willow Smith could be seeing bowing to each other in greeting, and they both looked happy to see each other.

This video proves that Seun Kuti’s music influence has crossed the borders of the Nigerian scene to the Western world.

A lot of netizens had two cents to share about the unlikely interaction, and the comments were quite interesting.


nohpheesat wrote, “He is such a gentle man when he travels abroad Just wait until he gets back to base…”

adegbuyiolaniyiayool wrote, “Is Seun Kuti greeting her by bowling down or what. That guy with low life.”

iwinosa_oyairo wrote, “Senu Kuti just reduce his Steeze by bowing down for her Composure 0 Steeze 7”

domingo _loso wrote, “I have noticed Seun Kuti is more recognized overseas and he gets more shows there.”

lammie_artt wrote, “A prophet is not valued in his own house!”

kayceelawproperties wrote, “He is very much respected here as well.”

dehbombomm wrote, “Can he just shave off that small hair at the back of his head? as which kind style be that one sef”

official_ eddyyoung wrote, “If na another person he go don do video de shout say why you go bow down to kiss oyibo woman hand when you no de do am for house”

warrrrritiiiiiii wrote, “She bowed first and kuti Was just been a gentleman by reciprocating”

The general reaction to Seun Kuti meeting Willow Smith created a thin line between admiration and disdain. Some netizens weren’t happy with the fact that he bowed to her.

On the other hand, his fans were excited over the fact that he has gained foreign recognition.