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A Writer Predicted The Beatles Would Break Up Because Their Wives Wouldn’t Get Along

Though all of The Beatles were married by 1970, their manager, Brian Epstein, didn’t initially want them to have wives. He believed that their fan base would be disappointed or even lose interest in them if they did. Others had different opinions about why marriage would spell doom for the band. A writer posited the misogynistic view that The Beatles would break up because their wives wouldn’t be able to get along. 

Maureen Starkey, Cynthia Lennon, and Pattie Boyd | Daily Express/Archive Photos/Getty Images

The Beatles kept their relationships with their wives a secret

John Lennon was the first Beatle to get married. He wed his first wife, Cynthia, in 1962 after she discovered she was pregnant. They had a child together, but they weren’t supposed to publicly speak about their relationship.



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