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Abbott Elementary Fans Are On The Look Out For A Mo And Amber Romance After Season 2 Episode 14

After the episode aired, viewers took to Twitter to express how they felt about Maurice and Amber becoming a couple. While many online had plenty to say, user @dorothynyc89 posted what arguably everyone was thinking, “Um, Mo and Amber need to be together since they both appreciate his gift for Janine. While Janine and Gregory need to be together because Janine loved his gift for Amber.”

The fact that the two teachers seem perfect together and their Valentine’s Day dates are a solid match didn’t go unnoticed by users such as @kaLii_huxtable, who stated, “So I was on team Mo and Janine, but clearly Mo and Amber need to be a thing and get out Janine & Gregory’s way … Asaptually.” In addition, several people who saw the entry were quick to point out what they think will happen next, like @FineAssCj, who wrote, “I think Janine and Gregory gon end up together, and Mo and amber gon end up together,” and user @milacastle17, who posted, “I can see Amber and Mo getting together, leaving Janine and Gregory to get closer.”

And it wasn’t just Twitter that voiced their opinions on the idea of a future where Maurice buys designer purses for Amber. U/midget_cathy wrote, “Amber and Mo would be cute ngl,” and u/ThisPaige has a good feeling spark will fly between the two with ..., “Oh wow, I can already see the partner switch coming. It’s going to be great.” While many see the possible union as a happy endeavor, others see it differently.



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