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Abe advises Rivers electorate to act differently to achieve different result

Ahead of the 2023 general elections, the governorship candidate of the Social Democratic Party (SDP) in Rivers State, Senator Magnus Abe, has called on the electorate to act differently in order to achieve a different result.

This is as he promised to make things work in the state and improve the economic lives of the people if he is elected as the governor of the state.

Abe gave the advice at a sensitization rally in Bomu, Gokana Local Government Area of the State recently while addressing SDP members and decampees from other political parties.

According to him, “We are the fastest growing political party in Rivers State. We are determined and we are committed.

“We have agreed that it is time for Rivers People to come together and do things differently. The time to do a different thing and achieve a different result is now”.

He added, “You are welcome to this party, all of us are decampees from one party or the other, because of the promises that the parties made to us, we all know that those promises have not been kept.

“We complained about the impunity in PDP, we moved to APC, the impunity in APC was more than the one in PDP, we moved to SDP.

“We complained that every time we vote after we finished voting, it is only the lives of those in government that change, those of us that are not in government, our own lives will continue to get worse while the people in government are getting better and you know that all of us can not be in government at the same time.

“I have said before that I have calculated the total number of people who can be in government in one lifetime.

“When you count the whole Commissioners, if it is one per local government in Rivers State, that will be twenty-three, House of Assembly 32, Chairman of Council 23, Vice Chairman another twenty-three.

“Senators, House of representative members, Governor, Deputy Governors, they are not up to 20.

“When you count the whole chairmen of commissions, count all the whole chairmen of the party, deputy chairman, this chairman, that chairman, that honourable, count all of them, they are not up to two thousand five hundred.

“If two thousand five hundred people will benefit, in eight years, that is five thousand, in sixteen years, that will be ten thousand, in thirty-two years, it will be twenty thousand and in sixty-four years, forty thousand.

He asked in pidgin English; “By sixty-four years, very few people wey dey here go still dey alive. So if na only forty thousand people go enjoy Rivers State in sixty-four years, when you go dey do?

“Na only black people wey go dey do the same thing, every time you do the same thing, you get the same complain, next time when time reach you do the same thing again when you get the same result, you complain again, no be oluku you be?

He declared; “That will not happen again. We will change the narrative. We will make things work and improve the economic lives of the people.

“We have the institutional memory, the knowledge, the capacity, and experience to give Rivers people a better tomorrow,” Abe assured.


Magnus Abe advises Rivers electorate to act differently to achieve different result



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