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Abroad-based lady wails after her brother squandered money she sent for land and house (Video)

A Nigerian woman who lives abroad was completely devastated when she learned that all the money she had been sending to her brother had been wasted.

She stated that despite giving her brother money to buy land in their community and construct a family home, he did not complete any of these tasks.

The young woman wept bitterly as she narrated how he kept giving excuses when she asked for progress report on the building project.

When she pressed him for evidence that work had begun, he stalled once more and claimed that his child had damaged his phone, so she had given him money to purchase a new phone.

The lady attempted to call him for an update after he reportedly purchased a new phone because he was not returning her calls.

She said that the event occurred in November, and despite her sending him N700,000 for the house’s foundation, he still blew it all away.

Watch the video below;



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