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Actress, Anita Joseph slam Osagie Elegbe for cautioning Frederick and Peggy Leonard over loved up video

Anita Joseph, a popular Nollywood actress, has slammed her colleague, Osagie Elegbe, for cautioning Frederick and Peggy Leonard.

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This comes after Osagie Elegbe chastised his colleagues, Frederick Leonard and Peggy Ovire, for publicizing their relationship.

Osagie advised them to learn from their mistakes and keep their relationship offline.
He wrote; “Another error showing how much you love each other on SM is not desirable, there are others waiting to tear it apart. Learn from others who are already eaten their bitter pie”.

Anita Joseph questioned Osagie for believing that Peggy Ovire and Frederick Leonard flaunting their relationship online would cause their marriage to end prematurely.

She wrote; “Leave them the f**k alone haba, why do you people online feel you have the right to talk, the ine that will crash will crash online or offline zuonuike aramashiogri”.

See her post below:



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