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Addison Rae is NOT in “Euphoria Season 3” Confirmed

Addison Rae has finally broken her silence on the rumours spread about her casting in third season of Netflix drama Euphoria. For since long there have been rumours that the TikTok star and now celebrity Rae is to be in the cast of Euphoria. But is Addison Rae really going to be in Euphoria third season?

Read ahead to know more about Addison Rae reacts on the rumour of being cast in Euphoria season 3.

Rumours of Addison Rae being cast in Euphoria

Addison Rae has not only been going popular on TikTok and other social media platforms. But she has finely grabbed her acting career making her way into Hollywood. Yes, she got her debut in acting with the Netflix’s He’s All That. While she is already in a deal for multi-film with Netflix.

Well, owing to that only her fans were convinced that she is soon to be seen in the Euphoria season 3. As the rumours of her being in the Netflix teenage drama Euphoria started doing rounds on internet. But is that really true?

Addison Rae speaks up on rumours of being cast in Euphoria

While the rumour of Addison Rae being cast in Euphoria season 3 was all over internet. It was at The Hollywood Reporter’s Women in Entertainment Gala that Rae was asked about this rumour. Well, as per her, being cast in Euphoria season 3 is indeed a rumour only.

Clarifying on the rumour Rae said “I will say that that’s a rumour”. “And we can manifest that. I’m sure a lot of people would have interesting thoughts and feelings about that, but thank you. That’s very nice. I hope that’s true. I haven’t seen that anywhere….I’m coming for you”.

Euphoria has been a popular Netflix drama revolving around teenagers and their struggle. Zendaya grew popular with her role Rue in the series and even won Emmy for it.

What’s Addison Rae currently busy with?

Though fans are really excited to see Rae soon in some series or movies. Euphoria is surely not in her bag for now which she explained herself. However, she hasn’t revealed anything about what’s on the cards next for her.

Meanwhile, she has been already making all go crazy with her social media presence. As on TikTok she has already got about 88 million followers for herself. While her other social media accounts too shows how popular she has been growing.

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