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“Africhange helped me resolve a medical emergency” – Hellen Olayemi



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We have all been there – face to face with an emergency and trying to figure out how best to resolve it. Medical emergencies come with a lot more pressure and it is even more difficult when we have to depend on someone else to resolve this problem. 

At Africhange, we understand that our users send money for different reasons; business transactions, upkeep, rent, school fees, medical bills, etc. This is why we created an automated, fast and seamless transfer process that let’s our users send money home seamlessly and at anytime of the day. No middleman, no delay, no disappointments.

Here is how Africhange helped Hellen send money home for her brother’s urgent kidney dialysis after she had tried other transfer platforms without success. 

Who is she?

Hellen Olayemi is a Nigerian immigrant in Canada and a full-time student with side jobs. She shared her story of how Africhange helped her quickly resolve a medical emergency and also saved her from the challanges associated with using a middleman for currency exchange transfers. 

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What was her challenge?

She needed to make an urgent transaction. Sending money home sometimes is not so much of an issue. The issue arises with challenges like when to send, the sending speed, where to send from, transaction process, charges, amongst others.  One of the constant challenges most of us have is availability of a transfer means and how long the transfer will take before it reaches home to our loved ones. Especially in cases of emergencies. 

Hellen was faced with the following challenges:

  • Availability and Reliability of a sending method at all times.
  • Simplicity and Ease of the sending process.
  • Speed of transfer.  

Hellen struggled with these things as the cross-border transfer method she used which required her to consult a middleman and can only send money at the middleman’s convienience. She explained that this was a lot challenging and sometimes humiliating as this middleman was not always available and does not communicate in the best ways.

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What was the solution?

Hellen learnt about Africhange through a friend, late in the night while she was under the pressure of figuring how to send money for her brother’s dialysis. Her friend explained to her how the service works and how easy she could sign up and complete her transaction in minutes.   

She registered and proceeded with her first transaction which was:

  • Available at that time with an easy sign up process
  • With a simple transaction process 
  • Extreemly fast. 

She explains that Africhange met all her expectations and she has now become an “Äfrichange town crier” referring her family and friends, assisting them with registration and even charge them sometimes for the services she renders.

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What is the Result?

She was able to resolve her medical emergency and no longer has to wait to send money at someone else’s convenience. Hellen also confirms that Africhange is great and is a “life saver”.

Africhange is a remittance company that leverages blockchain technology to offer a seamless way for users in Canada to send money to Nigeria and Ghana. Our aim is to transform the way people send money to North America and Africa. Though currently serving only Nigeria and Ghana in our Africa corridor, we are determined to extend operations to all African countries. 

Experience a better way to send money with Africhange. Get started here.

... “Africhange helped me resolve a medical emergency” – Hellen Olayemi Read More on ... Naijaonpoint.



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