Al Pacino demanded a paternity test after learning that his girlfriend is pregnant

Al Pacino reportedly wanted a paternity test to make sure that he is the father of his girlfriend Noor Alfallah’s baby.

Here is everything you need to know.

Did Al Pacino want to have a baby at 83?

Al Pacino seemingly has joined the elderly father’s club. However, as per TMZ, it was not a part of his plan.

Moreover, the media publication revealed that Pacino also wanted to do a paternity test to make it clear that his girlfriend Noor Alfallah’s child was his.

In addition, it is reported that the 83-year-old Godfather actor’s 29-year-old partner supposedly found out two months ago that she was expecting his fourth child.

Nevertheless, the outlet has claimed that Alfallah agreed to the paternity test which eventually proved that he is the father.

Meanwhile, on 30th May news broke out that Pacino is expecting a child with Alfallah. Subsequently, it was reported that Alfallah is eight months pregnant.

Also, Pacino was reportedly ‘shocked’  when he learned that he was going to be a father again.

Besides that, Alfallah first came into the spotlight in 2017 when she infamously began dating 74-year-old Mick Jagger. She was 22 at that time.

Nevertheless, Alfallah talked about her relationship with Jagger after they called it quits in March 2018.

She said, ‘Our ages didn’t matter to me.’

She added, ‘The heart doesn’t know what it sees, it only knows what it feels. It was my first serious relationship, but it was a happy time for me.’

More about Al Pacino’s relationship

Al Pacino has never tied the knot despite dating varied women over the years. 

Furthermore, he was linked to women such as  Tarrant and D’Angelo, Diane Keaton, Kathleen Quinlan, and Tuesday Weld. 

Also, he began dating Israeli actress Meital Dohan in 2018 but the couple decided to quit in 2020. 

Pacino then went on start a romance with Noor Alfallah, who works as a producer, in April 2022.

A source close to Pacino and Alfallah said, ‘Pacino and Noor started seeing each other during the pandemic. She mostly dates very rich older men… She has been with Al for some time and they get on very well.”

They continued, ‘The age gap doesn’t seem to be a problem, even though he is older than her father.’

Additionally, they mentioned, ‘She moves with the wealthy jet-set crowd, and she comes from a family with money.’


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