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‘Alaska Daily’: How Many Episodes Are in Season 1?

ABC‘s Alaska Daily fans are in desperate need of new episodes. The drama series starring Hilary Swank as down-on-her-luck reporter Eileen Fitzgerald is in the midst of a three-month-long hiatus. Alaska Daily Season 1 Episode 6, the mid-season finale, left viewers on a cliffhanger that’s been brewing in their minds since November. So when can they expect answers? And how many more episodes remain in Alaska Daily Season 1?

Hilary Swank as Eileen Fitzgerald and Grace Dove as Roz Friendly | ABC/Darko Sikman

When does ‘Alaska Daily’ return with episode 7?

Alaska Daily Season 1 Episode 7, “Enemy of the People,” was initially supposed to debut on Thursday, Feb. 23, but ABC postponed the show’s return one week. So episode 7 will now air on Thursday, March 2, at 10 p.m. ET.



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