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Albert Einstein Fellowship is open for young thinkers and researchers

Young thinkers and researchers who are exceptional and want to work on a project in a different area than their previous research can now apply for an Einstein Fellowship.

The fellowship is awarded by the Wittenstein Foundation and the Einstein Forum and its goal is to assist those who, like Albert Einstein, produce outstanding work in their field of specialization while also being open to other, interdisciplinary approaches.

Fellowship details

The fellowship includes housing for five to six months in Einstein’s summerhouse’s garden cottage in Caputh, Brandenburg, just a short drive from universities in Potsdam and Berlin and other academic institutions. The fellow will be given a stipend of 10,000 EUR and reimbursement of travel expenses.

At the end of the fellowship, the fellow will be required to present his or her project in a public lecture at the Wittenstein Foundation and the Einstein Forum after the fellowship period.

Eligibility criteria

  • Candidates must be under 35 and have a degree in the humanities, social sciences, or natural sciences from an accredited university.
  • It is not for applicants who want to finish an academic study they have already started.
  • A successful application must demonstrate the quality, originality, and feasibility of the proposed project, as well as the superior intellectual development of the applicant.
  • It does not matter if the applicant has begun working toward or currently holds a PhD. The proposed project does not need to be entirely completed during the time of the fellowship but can be the beginning of a longer project.

How to Apply

  • Applications for 2024 should include a CV, a two-page project proposal, and two letters of recommendation.
  • The proposed project must not be part of your dissertation or thesis, and the application documents must be in English.
  • There are also no limitations on the project you may propose as long as the idea proposed can is original, interesting, feasible and can be defended.
  • All documents must be received by May 15, 2023. More details and Frequently asked questions can be found here.
  • Applications should be submitted here.

About the Einstein Fellowship 

The Albert Einstein Fellowship encourages innovative, interdisciplinary thinking by allowing young researchers to conduct research in fields unrelated to their primary field of study.

The fellowship, which was previously granted by the Einstein Forum and the ZEIT-Stiftung Ebelin und Gerd Bucerius (2007–2009), is now administered by the Wittenstein Foundation in conjunction with the Daimler and Benz Foundation from 2010 until 2022.

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