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Alex Jones unleashes tirade in Sandy Hook testimony – live




Court ends for the day

Judge Barbara Bellis warned Alex Jones and his attorney about their behavior, adding, “Tomorrow is another day.”


Jones screams he’s ‘finished apologizing’ as victims’ families watch

Alex Jones yelled that he was “finished with apologizing” for his Sandy Hook hoax claims as victims’ families watched in court.

Jones later lost his temper with Chris Mattei after being told he had placed a “target on the back” of Robbie Parker.

“No, I didn’t,” Jones replied when he got angry.

Mr Mattei told Jones that “these are real people”.

“Just like all the Iraqis you, liberals, have killed and loved. You are incredible. You switch emotions on and off as you please, it’s just ambulance chase,” Jones said.

Mr. Mattei asked Jones, “Why don’t you show a little respect? You have families in court who have lost children, sisters, wives, mothers.”

“Is this a battle session, are we in China? I’ve said I’m sorry hundreds of times and I’m done saying I’m sorry. I didn’t generate this, I wasn’t the first to say it,” Jones replied.

“I’ve apologized to the parents over and over again, I don’t apologize to you. I make no apologies.”

Jones was told by the judge that he was not on “your show” and that he had to “respect the process”.

Jones was then asked if there would be a mass shooting

‘You mean I’m going to shoot someone, how do I know? Like it’s my fault, like I killed the kids. it will probably be there.”


Court is back in session

Mr Mattei says he has 20 minutes left with Jones in the stands and the court will end for that after his direct questioning.



Jones Asks For Crypto Donations During Trial, Says The Public Gave Him $9 Million

Jones even took the time to provide the web address for donating cryptocurrency to Infowars and was asked by Mr. Mattei if his audience knew that the donations went straight to his personal account.

“And then straight to the corporate account, that’s how crypto works,” Jones said.

Jones was asked if he had received $8 million in crypto donations and replied that it was “actually $9 million”.

Jones said he left only $60,000 of the donations in his wallet and gave it all to his company.

“I tried to support it (Free Speech Systems),” he said.

Jones was asked if he had received any of that money personally.

“Technically, it went to my bank account and then to Free Speech Systems,” he said.

Jones told the court that the price of the silver “1776” collector’s coin he sells to his public is $35, but he is selling it to them at full price for $130.

But Jones added that it was currently on sale for $99, and insisted he was honest with his audience about the cost.

“Conservatives are smart. They know all about silver and gold,” he told the court.

When asked about the profits he makes on other products, he added, “My audience is smart, they work for a living.”


Jones’ lawyer says he expected more outbursts

Norm Pattis made the confession to Judge Barbara Bellis when she ordered a sidebar after sending the jury.

Mr Pattis was heard to tell the judge that Jones had been “mostly responsive” in his testimony and that his client is “tired”.


Jones tells court he believes in ‘9/11 cover-up’

The court was told that Matthew Mills broke into a Super Bowl press conference to shout about 9/11 conspiracy theories, and was interviewed about this on Infowars in February 2014.

“Yes, I believe there has been a cover-up on 9/11,” Jones said. “I thought it was a good civil action.”

Mr. Mattei asked if Jones knew Mills had interrupted the Vicky Soto 5K event.

“No, I didn’t know that,” Jones said.

“But that’s the kind of thing you like?” asked Mr. Mattei.

Mr. Mattei asked Jones if the “Jones army has been active” during the trial. “That army is over the top here in Waterbury this week.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” Jones said.

Jones was asked earlier this week if he had praised people on the air for vandalizing property around the courthouse with Infowars stickers.

And he added, “I want to praise people now that the First Amendment is under attack, I want to praise them now.”

Jones then reacted angrily after being asked if he thought he was in a “doll court,” as he said on his Infowars show.

“It’s not primarily a peaceful protest when they burn down $2 billion worth of buildings, but when conservatives put stickers on it, that’s bad,” Jones said after the video.

“I know we should all go to jail.”

The judge immediately dispatched the jury and had a sidebar with the lawyers where they appeared to discuss his conduct.


Jury is back in court


Jury kicked out of court

Prosecutor wants to play a video about a 9/11 observer who will submit it as evidence without the jury in court.


Jones questioned about Dan Bidondi harassing Newtown officials

Dan Bidondi has been accused of harassing the families of Sandy Hook victims and officials, as well as those of the Boston Marathon bombing in segments for Infowars.

Chris Mattei told the court that after Jones was sued by the families in 2018, he immediately asked his business manager when Infowars last paid him.

Jones denied knowing any details about that, telling the jury, “It all just bleeds together. This was years ago. I don’t remember.”

The court was then shown a video of Bidondi allegedly harassing Newtown officials, asking them, “Are you trying to cover up Sandy Hook?”

Mr. Mattei asked Jones why he had nicknamed him “the kraken”, which Jones denied knowing anything about.

Jones then said he couldn’t remember if Infowars had live-streamed Bidondi’s video.

“I can’t remember what happened on my show two weeks ago,” Jones said. “There’s a lot of on-air material.”



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