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Alice Marie Johnson credits Kim Kardashian for her freedom

Kanye West has said that Donald Trump credits him for freeing Alice Marie Johnson. But the former federal prisoner considers Kim Kardashian to be her angel.

Here is everything you need to know.

Alice Marie Johnson claims Kim Kardashian to be her angel

Alice Marie Johnson recently spoke with TMZ where she claimed that she would still be in prison if Kim Kardashian did not free her in time. Moreover, she said that the Skims founder lobbied the White House on behalf of her freedom.

Although it certainly does not mean that Kanye West deserves no credit for Johnson’s liberation. It’s just that the former federal prisoner considers Kardashian to be her angel.

Besides that, Johnson revealed that the American socialite leveraged her relationship with Ivanka Trump to plan a case for her freedom.

She further claimed that Kardashian knew Ivanka’s husband, Jared Kushner had power and influence in the case. Hence, she allegedly spent too many hours on the phone as well as in person with Jared to make her case.

Subsequently, Johnson added that eventually, Kardashian convinced Jared to get on board.

Furthermore, the mother of four then went on to meet then-US President Donald Trump in the Oval Office to persuade him to Johnson’s release. 

Meanwhile, it is also reported that Kardashian knew that she would come under fire for interacting with Trump. But she met him as she believed in Johnson.

In addition, Kardashian’s efforts paid off when a week after that meeting, Trump granted clemency to Johnson.

At that time, Kardashian took to social media to share her excitement over Johnson’s release announcement.

She tweeted, ‘BEST NEWS EVER!!!’

Why was Alice Marie Johnson convicted?

Alice Marie Johnson was convicted back in 1996 over eight charges in connection with a Memphis-based cocaine trafficking operation. 

Moreover, a year later in 1997, she was sentenced to life behind prison bars sans parole.

Meanwhile, following Johnson’s release one of her attorneys, Brittany Barnett talked to The Daily Mail.

Nathan Congleton/NBC

She said, ‘The message to the president is that Alice Johnson, the 21 years she has been in prison, represents a punishment that more than pays her debt to society and that to keep her in prison the rest of her life is morally and economically unjustifiable.’

In the meantime, a news outlet reported that Johnson was ‘involved in drug trafficking as a way to make ends meet following a particularly rough period in her life.’

They continued, ‘She lost her job at FedEx, where she had worked for 10 years, due to a gambling addiction; she got divorced; and then her youngest son died in a motorcycle accident.’



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