Alison Hammond’s Apology: The Big Mistake Revealed on Social Media

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In response to a major blunder on social media, Alison Hammond apologised on This Morning on Friday. The host admitted to utilising the Instagram block button for all the wrong reasons. This Morning’s 48-year-old host was back in charge for the first time since her and co-host Dermot O’Leary came in to cover for Phillip Schofield following his surprise departure. They returned in excellent form, though, beginning off the programme in their usual cheery fashion, and the two reviewed the current news topics with Nick Ferrari and Matthew Wright, according to Manchester Evening News. As he welcomed them, Dermot referred to their regular visitors as GOATs, a slang term that means “Greatest Of All Time” and is used as praise.

Alison confessed after the comment that she had ‘never’ heard the reference before. The TV star then said that she thought she was being harassed online when individuals referred to her as the ‘GOAT’. She said, “I have been blocking people.”Before continuing, please accept my apologies if I have blocked you. Michelle Elman, a body confidence coach, then joined Alison and Dermot in the studio later in the episode. They answered phone calls from viewers seeking professional advice on body image issues. One of the calls came from Elaine who lives in London, who described her experience with lymphodemia, a swelling caused by a buildup of lymph fluid in the body.

Amid Drama On This Morning, Alison Hammond Apologizes Over A Social Media Blunder

Alison Hammond found earlier today that she had been making a terrible error on social media. The 48-year-old Brummie babe had to apologies live on This Morning after learning she had been banning people on Instagram for the wrong reasons. For the penultimate broadcast of the week for This Morning, Alison joined Dermot O’Leary on the couch with Dermot, who will be joining the crew of The Great British Bake Off later this year. Due to Phillip Schofield’s abrupt departure from This Morning last month and Holly Willoughby’s lengthy half-term leave, the former Big Brother participant has appeared on our television screens more than normal in recent weeks. Alison and Dermot were joined on the programme today by Nick Ferrari and Matthew Wright to discuss the latest news and what the public has been talking about. Alison appeared perplexed as former X Factor presenter Dermot introduced Nick and Matthew as ‘GOAT’ guests and had to be explained that ‘GOAT’ is a slang word for the Greatest Of All Time. Alison stated she had never heard the word before and assumed she was being mocked when social media users called her the ‘GOAT’ online. She revealed live on-air, “I’ve been blocking people,” before adding, “I’m sorry if I’ve blocked you.”

Following Phil’s resignation from This Morning after more than two decades on the show, Alison is expected to take over as Holly’s permanent co-anchor. Phil announced his departure from the ITV Daytime TV show on May 20 and then left ITV entirely after admitting to a past romance with a younger colleague. Phil claimed in a statement released less than a week after leaving This Morning: “In an effort to protect my ex-colleague, I haven’t been truthful about the relationship.” However, my recent, unrelated departure from This Morning has fueled rumour and produced concerns that have impacted him, so it is vital for me to be honest now for his benefit. As a result, I am acutely aware that I lied to my colleagues at ITV, my friends and family, my agents, the media and therefore the public, and, most importantly, my family members. I sincerely apologise for having been unfaithful to my wife. Therefore, I am standing down from the British Soap Awards, my final public commitment, and resigning from ITV with immediate effect, expressing my heartfelt appreciation to them for all of the tremendous opportunities they have provided me. Holly returned to This Morning with Josie Gibson as her co-host on Monday. Phil’s permanent replacement is yet to be determined.