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Alissa slams Camille Lamb for her behavior on Below Deck

Bravo aired the new episode of Below Deck season 10 on Monday, 5th December 2022, at 8 p.m. ET. A one-hour episode focused on the cast managing their second charter, keeping accurate records of their duties, managing relationships, family issues, and more throughout the hour while engaging in some necessary drama to keep viewers entertained. This week’s episode of ‘Below Deck’ Season 10 features Camille Lamb complaining about doing “twice the work” as everyone else. Those who follow the Bravo series are as irritated as Fraser Olender after the 5th December episode captured Camille Lamb snoozing between duties, not taking orders from her superior, and prior to guests arriving, taking a dip in the ocean.

The spectators never dreamed they would miss ‘Below Deck Mediterranean’. After that, they watched Camille Lamb do the laundry. The flawless technique Natalya Scudder had for washing, folding (and bleaching, ironing, and pressing) is missed. It appears that Camille Lamb has been tasked with delivering Captain Lee Rosbach’s wrinkled and crinkled clothes as he has no feeling in his leg. This week, viewers were baffled to see a captain telling a stew that casual clothes shouldn’t be dried but pressed and that the crease should be at the front! As a result of Camille’s walkie-talkie stunt, fans believe she will suffer consequences. Besides, they can’t take Alissa nagging Camille Lamb any longer about refilling the fridges. Alissa Humber is believed to be on a power trip, but Camille is the slowest worker ever.

Fans Of The Bravo Series Below Deck Season 10 Slams Deck Stew Camille Lamb Over Her Complains About The Work

An all-new episode of Below Deck season 10 aired on Bravo on Monday, 5th December 2022, at 8 p.m. ET. While managing their second charter, the cast members also managed relationships, family issues, and more throughout the episode and engaged in some well-needed drama to keep viewers hooked. Below Deck’s episode, this week had several arguments regarding Camille’s lack of responsibility. Camille Lamb faced the wrath of the second stew when she failed to do her assigned duties, from arranging drinks to getting the cooler. Camille’s behaviour and constant complaining were criticized by fans. According to one tweet, Camille is lazy as hell. In that case, I would fire her. In the Below Deck recent episode the second charter featuring female doctors had to be managed by the cast. Alissa, Camille, and Hayley sat down with Chief Stew Fraser to discuss the next steps following their first charter. In spite of their issues, he applauded them for being able to bring it together and hoped to do the same the next time around. Alissa and Camille, however, continued to argue throughout the episode, despite Fraser’s hopes.

Even though Camille was supposed to iron Alissa’s clothes, she offered to iron them herself when they were getting ready to meet the guests and put on their whites. Soon, the latter requested a cigarette break from the chief stew and left. According to Alissa, she took on the responsibility herself since Camille Lamb had other things to handle, but was frustrated when she took a break instead of taking on the responsibilities. Camille Lamb complained about Alissa bossing her, but fans reminded her, Your superior is Alissa, along with everyone else on the damn boat! During the episode, another fan added, Camille: We don’t need to carry it. When she continued to argue about not having to carry the cooler, she claimed it wasn’t her responsibility. It’s your job to do that. In season 10 of Bravo’s hit show, former favourite cast members Captain Lee Rosbach, Chief Stew Fraser Olender, and Chef Rachel Hargrove returned.



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