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All the details behind Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez’s second wedding celebrations



a A month after their wedding in Las Vegas, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are getting ready to do it again, this time with family and friends in attendance.

“We did it,” JLo wrote in her On The JLo newsletter last month.

“Love is beautiful. Love is good. And it turns out that love is patient. Twenty years is patient.”

“Exactly what we wanted. Last night we flew to Vegas, queued up for a license with four other couples, all of whom made the same trip to the wedding capital of the world.”

The couple was seen in Savannah, Georgia, on Thursday as they prepared to celebrate their second wedding.

Dressed in matching shades of tan, Lopez visited Glow Med Spa while Affleck and the kids sipped coffee at Gallery Espresso.

“They’re clearly in love,” Courtney Victor, owner of Glow Med Spa, told People.

“They all seemed like a happy, tight-knit family unit.

“She is absolutely flawless. It’s unbelievable how beautiful she is. She is the epitome of a glowing bride.”

It appears that Lopez chose a dress by Ralph Lauren Couture for the occasion, although this has yet to be confirmed.

Affleck’s Southern-style mansion was where the couple would marry when they first got engaged in 2022.

It’s the last stop on the couple’s post-marital tour, as they are on their honeymoon in Paris less than a week after they tied the knot in Las Vegas.

The palace is one of the crown jewels of the Georgia coast. Pine floors, huge arched fireplaces and four-meter ceilings make the house a real sight to behold.

guest list

In terms of guests, Matt Damon and TV host Jimmy Kimmel will be in attendance, along with Ben’s brother Casey Affleck, Drea Di Matteo, and many more.




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