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All the New Romance Movies Airing on Hallmark Channel in February 2023

Love is in the air at Hallmark Channel. Four new romance movies will air in February 2023 as part of the network’s “Loveuary” programming event. Plus, viewers can look forward to more new episodes of the new drama series The Way Home. Here are the new movies and shows on the Hallmark Channel schedule for February 2023. 

‘Sweeter Than Chocolate’ is one of four new romance movies airing on Hallmark Channel in February 2023

Eloise Mumford and Dan Jeannotte in ‘Sweeter Than Chocolate’ | ©2023 Hallmark Media/Photographer: Craig Minielly

Lucy Sweet’s (Eloise Mumford) sweet shop has been doing a booming business thanks to a rumor that eating one of her special Cupid chocolates on Valentine’s Day will lead a person to true love. But local TV reporter Dean Chase (Dan Jeannotte) is skeptical, and he sets out to debunk the legend. Lucy reluctantly agrees to help Dean with his investigation in the hopes that his report won’t damage her business. A series of events cause Lucy to lose faith in her magical chocolates, but Dean ends up coming to the rescue. 



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