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Allow fully registered voters without PVC to vote, Eneche urges INEC

“I wish they could make a law like in some places like America where certain people vote a month ahead of the election”

As the general election approaches, the founder and General Overseer of Dunamis International Gospel Centre, Pastor Paul Enenche, has urged the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) and other relevant authorities to allow Nigerians who have fully completed their registration but have yet to collect their permanent voter’s card (PVC), to be allowed to vote.

The cleric disclosed this during his sermon at the Dunamis International Gospel Centre, Abuja, on Sunday.

According to him, millions of Nigerians have duly registered for their PVCs but have not been able to collect their voters’ cards due to one reason or another that is beyond their powers, adding that those people should not be denied the opportunity of voting for their preferred candidate in the forthcoming election.

He said, “I wish INEC or the authorities could quickly make legislation which provided that a person who is a registered voter and has not yet been able to get their PVC as a result of no faults of theirs can be allowed to vote.

“I wish they could make such a law. This is because there are millions on their data (INEC) that are fully registered with evidence of registration but can’t get their PVC for any reason.”

Dr Eneche also called for the provision of a new law that will provide avenues for the likes of police, election officers, collation Centre agents and others who don’t vote in an election the opportunity to be voting ahead of the general election as it is practised in some advanced countries.

“I wish they could make a law like in some places like America where certain people vote a month ahead of the election. Some kinds of people such as election officers, collation centre agents, all those people, they don’t vote, they can’t vote.

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“All the police personnel and security deployed to monitor the election can’t vote and that amounts to millions of people. I am sure that a day will come when provision can be made for such people to do their voting, which may be ahead of the general voting.”

The pastor however warned those who are planning to stand in the way of God’s plan for the country during this electioneering period, saying that they won’t escape the wrath of God.

“I speak with the apostolic and prophetic mantle of fire, I say your days are over in this nation to bring Nigeria into destruction. I speak to the principality and I speak to human agents and human devils, if you stand in the way of God’s plan for this nation this time and you are not buried, then we are not of God.”



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