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‘Alone’: Do Contestants Get Paid to Go on The History Channel Reality TV Show?

Although the winner of each History Channel Alone season receives a cash prize of $500,000, the other contestants endured weeks and sometimes months out in the wilderness, too. Does the Alone franchise pay the other participants for their time on the reality TV show if they don’t win? The producers drop each participant in a remote location where they must survive alone. Alone has minimal rules, and the person who lasts the longest wins the grand prize. What do the other Alone contestants get paid?  

'Alone' Season 9 contestants lined up together in the wildnerness
‘Alone’ Season 9 cast | The History Channel

Most reality TV shows pay all of the contestants, not only the winners

Although it is not public knowledge, most reality TV shows pay the participants for their time on the show. It’s common for reality TV contestants to sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) which usually includes not sharing the fact that the network also paid non-winners for their time. 



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