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Amazon statistics show 569 million hours were recorded in the first year of the new world

New World, Amazon’s hit MMORPG, recently celebrated its first anniversary, and the team revealed a bunch of diverse player stats it’s built up over the past year, one of which is that the game has been played for 569.1 million hours. the total. Announced by their official Twitter accountThe attached graph showed plenty of player specific stats such as the total number of NPC enemies killed (17.3 billion), the total number of trees cut down (6.3 billion), the total number of minutes streamed on Twitch (12.4 billion), and more. .


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New World is a third-person action game that is firmly centered around player interaction. Unlike other MMO games, the game economy is entirely player-managed and depends on trade and availability of materials. Likewise, the terrain can change dynamically, as settlements can be fought over and contested by other players.

Although the game suffered a harsh critical reception at launch, it caught the attention of the MMO community for a long time. He had a healthy player base by size and was undoubtedly a commercial success. To this day, the number of current players in New World on Steam is nearly 50,000 (as of 2:00 PM EST) with a monthly average of over 25,000. New World was Amazon’s first venture into first-party gaming It was developed by a sub-team known as Amazon Games Orange County.

Amazon has several other studios under its development division, including teams in San Diego, Montreal, and Seattle. However, their future in game development is currently unclear. Besides the western publication of the Korean MMO Lost Ark, which was launched in South Korea in 2019, Amazon has not released any game this year, and it appears that there are no plans to do so. It’s unknown what first-party teams are working on, if anything at all. only the last Advertising It was a collaboration with an independent studio called Disruptive Games, to develop a “multiplayer online action and adventure game based on a new IP”.

One of the most interesting stats revealed by the New World post is the Twitch streaming personality. At 12.4 billion minutes, or just over 200 million hours, that means more than a third of the game’s total playing time was streamed on Twitch. This illustrates the undeniable importance of community interaction in a game that relies heavily on socialization. However, it also indicates that only a small portion of the players have survived over time, and that these very passionate players, including Twitch Streamers, have largely credited the total hours of playing time.



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