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Amber Rose might be planning to write a tell-all book about men

Amber Rose gained limelight after going out with several Hollywood stars including Kanye West and Wiz Khalifa. However, now she is making headlines for possibly writing a book.

Here is everything you need to know.

Will Amber Rose write a tell-all book?

Amber Rose recently took to her social media handle to rant about how men treat women. Moreover, it is suspected that she is talking about her former boyfriend’s treatment of her.

Meanwhile, it appears like Rose is upset about certain comments she made recently. However, she might not be able to handle the burn of internet users.

In addition, reports claim that Rose is threatening to write a book. Initially, she was a sweet Philly girl whose life changed after being caught up in Hollywood.

The reason behind Rose’s sudden threat remains unknown for now. However, few people suspect that she wants to make money from her book. Some on the other hand claim that she might be writing the book to return to the limelight.

Besides that, others believe that it is Rose’s way to respond to the negativities she went through in her life. 

Furthermore, we are not certain who will be the prime subject in Rose’s potential book. It might be Kanye West or Wiz Khalifa or possibly netizens.

For the unversed, Rose went out with West in 2008. However, the pair soon called it quits when the Donda rapper started seeing Kim Kardashian.

Rose on the other hand also moved on and began dating Khalifa in early 2011. They announced their engagement the following year and tied the knot in 2013.

Additionally, Rose gave birth to their son the same year. However, the couple eventually decided to part ways in 2014 citing irreconcilable differences.

Netizens react to Amber Rose supposedly writing a book about men

Many internet users took to social media platforms to share their take on Amber Rose seemingly writing a tell-all book about men.

A user wrote, ‘Amber if it’s hush money you’re looking for just say that.’

Another user chimed in to say, ‘She can write? I didn’t know she had a brain.’

Someone else added, ‘She has to test the waters in the event no one buys her book…fortunately for her, people are encouraging her to do it. Still, that doesn’t necessarily translate into sales.’

A different user commented, ‘Rule #1 of writing tell-all books: don’t tell anyone that you’re gonna write a tell-all book! Just do it!’


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