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‘America ends unwanted governments in other countries’



Washington: Former US National Security Adviser John Bolton has admitted that the US destroys unwanted governments in other countries.

According to the report of a foreign news agency, former US National Security Adviser John Bolton admitted in an interview that he helped plan coups in other countries.

In an interview given to the American media, John Bolton said that a lot of work is needed to help plan the coup.

He said that as someone who had helped plan the coup, not here, but elsewhere, he had a lot of work to do, but John Bolton did not specify other countries or places. of

It should be noted that John Bolton was US President Donald Trump’s National Security Adviser from 2018 to 2019. While in office, he advocated US military intervention in Venezuela.

It should be noted that many foreign policy experts generally criticize Washington for its history of meddling in other countries. In 1953, the United States removed Iran’s nationalist Prime Minister Mohammad Mossadegh from power.

Similarly, the invasion of Vietnam, invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan are examples of American intervention. But it is not common for a US official to admit this publicly. As John Bolton has done.



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