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American Chopper: What Happened To Paul Jr After The Show?

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In an article for Fox News in 2017, Paul Teutul, Jr. wrote that while his firing led to him starting Paul Jr. Designs, he was not allowed to build motorcycles for one year due to a non-compete agreement. “The year away from building bikes helped me. Working with my father had become such a negative– it was a toxic environment – that I lost the joy of building motorcycles … But leaving Orange County Choppers allowed me to create my own positive environment. My creativity took off. I matured as a man. For the first time, I could see what others had tried to tell me: my relationship with my father was unhealthy,” he said.

Junior told People that he and his father didn’t talk for 10 years. “It was a tough situation for both of us, and we were really at odds,” he said. The two have since worked to mend their relationship, even rebooting “American Chopper” for the Discovery Channel in 2018. The show mainly focuses on the separate lives and builds of Senior and Junior, but the reboot would conclude in 2020 with the two working on a motorcycle together at Orange County Choppers in Season 12, Episode 9, “The Last Ride.” But Paul Teutul Sr. notes that people shouldn’t expect to see him and Junior working at the same shop again. Senior told People, “Working together was the downfall of our relationship, and I’m not willing to give that up again,” he said.