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American Idol contestant Sara Beth Liebe breaks her silence on Katy Perry’s remarks

American Idol participant Sara Beth Liebe is speaking out after Katy Perry was slammed for supposedly mocking her during the audition.

Here is everything you need to know.

Sara Beth Liebe calls Katy Perry’s comments ‘hurtful’ 

Sara Beth Liebe shocked the judges of American Idol during the 5th March episode. She revealed that she had given birth to three children before the age of 25.

Katy Perry on the other hand expressed her shock by pretending to faint at the revelation.

Moreover, this seemingly urged Liebe to say, ‘If Katy lays on the table, I think I’m going to pass out.’

In addition, Perry responded with, ‘Honey, you been laying on the table too much.’ 

Meanwhile, the aspiring singer took to her TikTok handle to share a video in which she admits that Perry’s joke was ‘hurtful.’


Well. I didnt think id be making this video, but i just wanted to say a couple things since im being flooded with articles and comments/messages about this.

♬ original sound – Sara Beth

She said, ‘At the start of my audition before I sang, I mentioned that I had three children and was a young mother and Katy Perry made a joke that wasn’t super kind.’

Additionally, she continued, ‘It was embarrassing to have that on TV. And it was hurtful and, you know, that’s that.

Liebe then went ahead to encourage people to uplift women. Subsequently, she directly addressed the young mother out there who came to her looking for support.

Nevertheless, Liebe welcomed her first child when she was 18 years old as per the content on her TikTok account.

Also, she is keeping her three kids off social media. She has also not yet disclosed any other information about the age or gender of her children.

@sarabethliebe #stitch with @americanidol Lol hiiiii friends ???????? I still feel so out of body watching my audition but anyways here’s me not screaming the end part of the song ???????????? #americanidol #americanidolaudition #bennyandthejets #sarabethliebe ♬ original sound – Sara Beth

Fans react to Katy Perry ‘bullying’ Sara Beth Liebe on American Idol

Katy Perry found herself in hot water shortly after Sara Beth Liebe’s audition which premiered earlier this month.

Furthermore, many users took to social media to accuse the Firework singer of ‘bullying’ the 25-year-old.

But fans of Perry came forward to defend her claiming the singer-songwriter was only being ‘honest.’ They also said that the 38-year-old musical was instead encouraging Liebe to give it her all.

A user wrote, ‘katyperry tonight on American idol you kinda [angry face emoji] me off. Stay-at-home moms never have time to think of their dreams bc there making everyone else’s come true!’

Besides that, someone else argued, ‘Being honest is now bullying.’

Another chimed in to say, ‘Katy Perry judging a contestant and a show that judges contestants? Shocking. Ever heard of @SimonCowell?’


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