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America’s Got Talent Season 8: Where Are They Now?

‘America’s Got Talent’ is a competition that has consistently provided a platform for years for talented individuals to display their extraordinary skills and wow audiences across the country. From singers to dancers, magicians to painters, the contestants of the show have made a significant impact on the show’s legacy. Season 8 of the show was no exception and featured a diverse group of individuals who showcased their unique abilities and reached the finals of the season. Let’s take a look into the incredible journeys of the finalists after the show ended.

Where is Cami Bradley Now?

Cami Bradley is a singer-songwriter from Spokane, Washington, whose hauntingly beautiful voice and heartfelt performances helped her make an impact during her time on season 8 of the show. Her soulful renditions of the song demonstrated her versatility as an actress and pushed her to the finals. While she didn’t clinch the top spot, her talent and charisma earned her a devoted fan base. After the show ended, she continued pursuing her music career in the form of a two-month tour with the show’s finalists and even featuring on FORTE’s debut album, performing ‘The Prayer’ live at Carnegie Hall.

In 2014, singer-songwriter Whitney Dean collaborated with her after seeing her talent on the show. After a successful meeting, they co-wrote eight songs and released a self-titled EP in September 2014. The duo went on to release their debut album in August 2015, titled ‘Rise & Fall’. They also worked together on several other albums including, ‘Covers, Ch.1,’ the EP ‘Winter’s Call,’ ‘Merrier Days,’ ‘Rise & Fall (Deluxe Version),’ and the EP ‘Sleepwalking’. They had another album planned for 2018, but due to some unconfirmed circumstances, the duo took an extended break.

In 2019, Bradley took on a second musical project with a darker, experimental sound and collaborated with producer Nico Rebsher in LA. Bradley was named the Best Singer-Songwriter by Inlander in 2015 and 2016 after conducting a reader’s poll. She used to live in Spokane, Washington, with her husband, Eric but has since moved to Los Angeles. She is also working as a professional photographer and often posts on Instagram showcasing her skills.

Where is Collins Key Now?

Collins Key is a young magician living in California who captured the hearts of his audience with his engaging stage presence and his impressive sleight of hand. Combining his magic with humor, he managed to stay a fan favorite throughout the season. Although he didn’t take home the title, his charisma and talent secured him a well-deserved spot in the finals. Since the show, he has expanded his career by delivering into the world of YouTube and social media. He has a YouTube channel with over 23 million subscribers, where he shares magic tutorials, entertaining content, and collaborations with other creators.

Apart from his YouTube career, he has also created a web series titled ‘The Disappearing Girl’, which won a Short Award, a Cannes Lions Award, a Streamy Award, and an AdWeek Arc Award. In 2017, he became the first digital creator who created and produced interstitial content for Disney Channel. Collins opened for Demi on her Neon Lights Tour and has also had a small role in an episode of ‘Girl Meets World’. The University of Santa Barbara invited the young magician to give a TEDx talk where he talked about his life experiences. In 2018, he was nominated for the Choice Comedy Web Star and Choice Male Web Star at the Teen Choice Awards and had the honor of headlining the YouTube FanFest concert in Mumbai, India.

Where is FORTE Now?

FORTE is a classic crossover trio group with operatic tenors like Sean Panikkar, Fernando Varela, and Josh Page. Sean Pannikkar wasn’t an original member of the group and had to replace Hana Ryu after there were some issues with the latter’s visa status. At the AGT stage, they showcased the power of their voices through the fusion of classical and contemporary styles.

Through their renditions, they were able to display their vocal prowess and finish in fourth place in the season. Following their time on the show, they were almost immediately signed by Columbia Records and released their self-titled CD in November 201, which reached number 3 on the Billboard Classical Albums chart. They have also had the honor of performing at the White House’s National Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony and Carnegie Hall’s Music of Hope concert.

In 2014, Fernando started a solo tour while still performing with FORTE. Hana Ryu, the original member of the group, was welcomed back in 2015, after which they started working on their second album titled ‘The Future Classics’. They have also done a lot of work for charity, including collaborating with Broadway and other Hollywood artists for a charity single, ‘With a Little Help from My Friends’. Their other charity works include headlining the NAMM Show’s Grand Rally for Music Education and performing as part of Four Divo to benefit earthquake victims in Puerto Rico.

Where is Jimmy Rose Now?

A country singer from Kentucky, Jimmy Rose, touched the hearts of millions of viewers with his heartfelt and authentic performances. His original song ‘Coal Keeps the Lights On,’ where he pays tribute to his roots in the coal-mining community, struck a chord with many. Thanks to his powerful voice, he was able to reach the finals and finish in the third place. His time on AGT helped him launch his music career, and he continued to perform and connect with his fans. However, Jimmy didn’t much care for the other aspects of being a musician.

In an interview with Claiborne Progress, he said, “I loved the experience of AGT but I found out that there’s an aspect that I never considered and thought much of, you know, like all the behind the scene things. It’s hair, makeup, promos and that kind of stuff that is a little difficult to deal with at times but looking back it was a great experience.” He further added, “I still pick up the guitar and note pad but for the most part I only play for family and friends and I enjoy doing that.” He, along with his wife Heather, now runs a company in Middlesboro, Kentucky, called Rose Taxidermy, where they craft top-quality mounts, including deer, boar, fish, bear, and others.

Where is Kenichi Ebina Now?

Season 8 of ‘America’s Got Talent’ saw a unique and mesmerizing style of dance through Japanese dancer and performer Kenichi Ebina. He had an innovative mix of dance, technology, and storytelling, which created a visual spectacle that was unlike anything seen on the show before. He rightfully won the competition and earned the title and the winning prize of $1 million dollars. Following his AGT victory, Kenichi continued to perform and tour, showcasing his exceptional talent worldwide. About a year later, he was invited back to perform at the quarterfinals of the ninth season of ‘AGT.’ He has also made appearances in TV specials like ‘Crossroad,’ ‘Home & Family,’ and ‘Jonetsu Tairiku’.

Apart from these, Kenichi has also graced several stages like Cirque du Soleil Special Shows, NBA Basketball Halftime Show Tours, and even private parties attended by Madonna and Simon Cowell. The Japanese performer has also released a book titled ‘見せ方ひとつで世界でも勝てる’. Ebina is a respected figure in the dance and entertainment industry and has directed projects for dance and theatre companies and taught dance in over thirty countries. His groups UniCircle Flow and AIRFOOTWORKS were quite successful on season 1 of ‘Japan’s Got Talent’.

Where is Taylor Williamson Now?

Taylor Williamson is a stand-up comedian who made it to the finals of season 8 of AGT with his quirky personality and self-deprecating humor. Through his comedic style, filled with relatable anecdotes and witty one-liners, he was able to wow fans and judges alike. His ability to connect with the audience through humor earned him the second place in the season. While he narrowly missed the top spot, his comedic timing has continued to thrive in the comedic world.

Taylor went on to perform in theatres and comedy clubs across the country and even made appearances on late-night talk shows. He also made guest appearances on ‘America’s Got Talent’ season 9 and season 16 and was recognized as Judge Heidi Klum’s favorite act in the 10-year AGT Anniversary Special. In 2019, Taylor returned to the stage in ‘America’s Got Talent: The Champions’ but wasn’t able to reach the finals.

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