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‘And Just Like That…’: In Defense of Che Diaz

We get it; everyone hates Che Diaz. The non-binary comedian was introduced in season 1 of And Just Like That… and they didn’t stand a chance. Not only did the character feel one-dimensional, but they were the person who came between Steve Brady and Miranda Hobbes, ending their decades-long marriage. Still, we think there is room for Che to grow in season 2, and maybe all of the Che hate is a bit misplaced. We are here to defend Che Diaz. 

Che was not to blame for Miranda and Steve’s breakup 

While Sex and the City fans argued a lot was wrong with Che, their biggest transgression was breaking up Miranda Hobbes and Steve Brady. Fans always loved the couple together, so anyone who came between them would have been a villain. If we look at things carefully, though, Che really wasn’t to blame for any of that. 



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