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Anna Kendrick’s Team Sent Her the ‘Alice, Darling’ Script Because It Quietly Echoed Her Personal Life

Actor Anna Kendrick has stepped into a completely different role in her new movie, Alice, Darling. Commonly seen in movies as the funny, neurotic-leaning character, Kendrick takes a dark turn in Alice, Darling as a character drowning in an emotionally abusive relationship. Shockingly, Kendrick says she was sent the script because of how similar Alice’s life was to her own. 

‘Alice, Darling’ stands out among Anna Kendrick movies

Alice, Darling follows Kendrick’s Alice as she embarks on a week-long vacation with her two closest girlfriends. Scared to tell her emotionally abusive boyfriend, Simon, that she is going on vacation without him, Alice lies to him, telling him she is going on a work trip. Once away, Alice is made to come to terms with her abusive relationship. 



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