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‘Ant-Man’ Star Michael Peña Says Scientology Made Him a ‘Better Actor’

Michael Peña is a versatile and talented actor who has appeared in dozens of popular films. Over the years, he has acted in high-profile action films, independent dramas, and hit comedies. Many fans love him for his open, charming nature, and for the effortless way that he works as part of an ensemble cast. There’s one part of his life that Peña keeps private, however — his dedication to Scientology. The actor has only talked about religion on a handful of occasions. But in 2016, he opened up in a revealing interview highlighting the many ways he believes Scientology positively influences his life.

There’s no doubt that Scientology is a controversial religion, especially in light of the allegations of abuse and improper behavior within the church’s structure. Many of these allegations come from former Scientologists like Leah Remini. In spite of this, many high-profile actors maintain their ties to the church. Tom Cruise, John Travolta, Elisabeth Moss, and Laura Prepon are all famous stars known as some of Scientology’s top members.



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