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Anya Taylor Joy's Twitter Account Gets Hacked, Teased Fans With The Queen's Gambit Season 2

Beth Harmon 2 The Queens Gambit

Earlier today, the official Twitter account of Anya Taylor-Joy tweeted the words “The Queen’s Gambit Season 2”. Fans of the series were overjoyed as they’ve been waiting for The Queen’s Gambit season two since the first season ended in 2020. However, the fans’ excitement was cut short following the actress’ announcement immediately after stating that her Twitter account was hacked.

The actress has been quite active on social media platforms such as Twitter and Instagram, so there’s no reason for the fans not to believe that Anya Taylor-Joy was the one who tweeted. A few hours after the tweet has gone live, Taylor-Joy posted an Instagram story with the words “My Twitter has been hacked- apologies for all the inconveniences, it’s NOT me!”.

Some fans might be disappointed that the season two isn’t happening, but some fans are quite contented with the decision. FudgeWilde replied on the tweet and said “How would they do season 2? It was a masterpiece season 1” However some fans are actually thinking that it was part of a big plot twist as one fan said “that’s fake news, the hacker is just part of the season 2 storyline”. Other are just in denial and even said “Nah, she just announced it too early and Netflix got ahold of her. Lolol.”

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It’s not a surprise that fans wanted more of The Queen’s Gambit. The Netflix’s miniseries is a fresh concept on TV as it explores the life of abandoned young Beth Harmon. She discovered an incredible skills and talent for chess as she developed an addiction to tranquilizers that are used to sedate children at the time. The fans were hooked on Beth’s journey and transformation as she conquers the male dominated world of chess.

Netflix’s The Queen’s Gambit was such a hit among fans and critics and it served as Anya Taylor-Joy’s breakout role in the entertainment industry. With the help of the series, the actress landed some prominent projects. While waiting for the second season that may or may not happen, fans can watch the actress in some other projects. Just last year, the actress starred in three films such as The Menu, Amsterdam and The Northman. She’s set to star in The Super Mario Bros. Movie as Princess Peach and will play the titular role in the film Furiosa.



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