“APC desperate to make Kano state un­governable” – NNPP raises alarm



The New Nigeria Peoples Party (NNPP) has accused the All Pro­gressives Congress (APC) led Fed­eral Government of making plans to make Kano state ungovernable.

According to the party, the APC is already planning to cause violence on a scale that would lead to the declaration of a state of emergency in Kano with the emirship tussle at hand.

The party in a statement re­leased by its National Publicity Secretary, Ladipo Johnson, on Wednesday, alleged that since los­ing the 2023 governorship election in the state, the governing APC has “been using every foul means to come to power in Kano even though the good people of Kano State rejected them at the polls.”

It also said that Justice Lima of the Kano High Court erred by enter­taining a matter already be­fore an appellate court.

The party said, “Ever since the great loss at the Supreme Court, the APC has never hidden their vow to make Kano State un­governable for the rightful winner of the March 18, 2023 governorship election, Engr. Abba Kabir Yusuf.

“Unfortunately, the recent amendment of the Kano State Emirate Council law which passed normal rudi­ments of constitutional pro­visions has become a tool for APC to want to set the state on fire, using a section of the judiciary.

“Nigerians would recall the position of the Kano State government on the is­sue leading to the dethrone­ment of the former Emir, Ado Bayero, and the rein­statement of Emir Muham­mad Sanusi II.

“You’ll also recall the associated developments with particular reference to how the former Emir was brought to Kano with full military and police security and has since been stationed in Kano looking after the de­posed Emir.

“We believe that this is an open demonstration of abuse of power and illegal­ity. It is clearly an affront on the constitution and a threat to peace and orderly public conduct because such open display of naked power is ca­pable of inciting the people who may feel incensed by the actions of powers behind the charade going on in Kano as an act of gangsterism.

“Some power drunk ele­ments are deliberately out to cause disorder and make Kano ungovernable for a selfish political objective. We are aware of this. So the call by APC State Chairman, Alhaji Abdullahi Abbas, for the arrest of Kwankwaso was irresponsible without addressing his concern that the invasion of Kano with full military in support of Ado Bayero, a deposed emir, was a greater threat to peace in Kano.

“Also Abba’s remark that Kwankwaso is leading a cult-like Kwankwasiyya is noth­ing new, he only re-echoed the same line of their tribu­nal-lawyer and the similari­ty of thought is understand­able. Of course, Senator Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso is a statesman and patriot.

“Nigerians should realise that the unfolding develop­ment in Kano is rooted in politics which is a dangerous thing to cultivate amidst the numerous challenges con­fronting the Federal Gov­ernment, particularly on the issue of security of lives and property.

“The suffocating econo­my, terrorism and insurgen­cy, kidnapping and the daily blood-letting by criminal gangs across the country, we believe, should be major con­cerns of the Federal Govern­ment rather than dabbling into chieftaincy matters in Kano as a political weapon ahead 2027.

“The truth is that los­ing Kano to the NNPP still rankles the new opposition in the state but the people’s will should be respected as a democratic enterprise.

“After celebrating 25 years of democracy, Nigeri­ans expect that we won’t be contending with actions det­rimental to peace and demo­cratic ideals reminiscent of military dictatorship as we now see in Kano.

“The affront on the consti­tution is at the heart of this matter and it is regrettable. We can only hope that rea­son will prevail.”